Happy birthday build

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Matthew LeBret, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Not to many rods posted as of late so here is one that I just got done with and now that I got all of our wood in for the year I started my other half's birthday gift. The other rod that I built her was a 9'0 5wt so I wanted to go with something smaller so I went with a pac bay 2pc 7'6 5wt. I had all the parts laying around so it was a cheap and quick gift.... Shhhhh she will never know ;)

  2. I like the reel seat hardware, mind sharing where that was acquired?
  3. I picked it up from Johnny over at Anglers Roost Enterprise "A.R.E"
  4. Thanks! The grip is nice too! Did you turn it yourself, what are the blue insets made of? I want to try turning my own grips but am hesitant.
  5. I do turn my own grips, the blue ring that you see is from a gasket rebuld kit from any auto part store. It comes in sheets and I just cut a chunk 1.25" and glue it with the rest of the grip. A lathe helps out but you don't really need one if your sticking to burls, cork, or rubberized rings. A lot of info on the internet on making one out of a drill.
  6. Matthew, that one is very nice in every aspect!

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