Happy Birthday IveofIone

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Roper, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Sunday was Ivan's birthday. Let's all wish the gentleman from Ione another year filled with good health and a wet line or two.
  2. Happy Bday, heres hoping you have many more.
  3. Glad you made it to this B-day. Looking forward to a pint or two this fall.
  4. Happy Birthday buddy!
    I hope it was a good day I will talk to you soon.
  5. Happy to have you around to enjoy it - after what you've been through, Ive.
    Here's a toast to many more B'days!
  6. Happy Birthday Ive!!
  7. Happy Birthday Ive! Waiting for your "how to not cut a tree down" story. In the meantime, I"ll say it again... Happy Birthday! ;)
  8. Well, shit howdy. He never said a word about to me.
    Happy Birthday, Ive.
  9. Happy birthday, Ive!
  10. Well hell a belated Happy Birthday. There used to be on here that when your birthday rolled around everybody read it here. I guess when he changed servers that had to go to the way side.
  11. Happy Birthday Ive! And here's to many more!

  12. Well, thanks guys-this was a birthday I was particularly glad to have! And it was a dandy. Susie was in Spokane on Thurs and brought home almost $100 worth of steaks including some flank steaks and top round for jerky. I marinated jerky overnite on Friday and cured it Saturday. I'm well stocked now.

    I wanted simple fare for dinner on Sun so it was baked beans with homemade BBQue sauce and the obligatory big T-bone cooked over charcoal. Just superb. The piece de resistance was the scratch built double chocolate cake with the hand made fudge frosting served with vanilla bean ice cream. We had debated not making the cake this year because it is so rich but I lost enough weight after my accident that a few thousand more calories can't hurt me. After 3 bites I was starting to get dizzy as the sugar rush overwhelmed me. By the time I was half done I felt like a seizure was a distinct possibility but I soldiered on and nearing the end a golf ball sized chunk remained that taunted me almost to say: "Go ahead-I dare ya'!" I couldn't do it, discretion winning out over gluttony.

    I'll try again today though. Thanks for your good wishes.

  13. I have never met you Ive, but best wishes and a Happy Birthday . From one chocaholic to another.
  14. Happy Birthday Good Sir!
  15. Ive, happy belated birthday. Glad to hear you are recovering.

    You can't beat steak and chocolate cake! Sounds like a great meal!
  16. Happy Birthday Ive!
  17. Happy belated birthday Ivan of Ione.
  18. What Ed said.
  19. When are you going to tell us about how not to fall a tree on yourself.
  20. A belated Happy Birthday wish to you. Hope you have many, many more and each is better than the last.

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