Happy, happy, joy, joy at Purdy!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by DennisE, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Went after Sea Runs today and even though I didn't get any in the net, and thus no pix, I think I had the most fun that I've ever had fly fishing!

    Hit the water about 8:30 and during the next 2 hours or so had 1 missed take and one follow. Saw chum and rezzies jumping and eagles flying. Nice day so far, but nothing too unusual for me. And then... AND THEN...! For about 20 to 30 minutes every 3 or 4 casts resulted in a boil, a follow, a missed strike and one hook-up! We traded line for a little, he jumped a couple times and worked his way around to my other side and then remembered he had an appointment to be elsewhere. I had him as close as a leader length with my rod tip up, so I got to see him. Looked to be about 14".

    Now I know why Leland likes his popper! I wanna go on that ride again!
  2. I've had the same experience many times! I have yet to hook up on a popper, but I have had so many strikes... I just get too excited and yank it away too early.

    I've definitely been getting into the SRCs more... had an outing recently where I landed several fish over 17 inches, including a 20" hawg.
    [image deleted out of respect for wild fish]

    As a result, I'm now building a dedicated SRC setup. Just purchased a TFO Bob Clouser rod, 8'9" 6 wt. :)

    Your post has me even more excited, I'll have to focus my efforts on fishing a popper!
  3. It's as much of an adrenaline rush just seeing the follows and boils as the actual take! And you get more of them (unfortunately).
  4. Well maybe if you didn't run to the forums and post the name of the beach you are fishing every time you catch(or almost catch) a fish they wouldn't get as much pressure and you would catch more fish, just sayin.
  5. Oh and while im at it you should of left that fish in the water for the pic, though it does really show off your reel.

    And you should turn off your GPS coords when taking fish pictures with your iphone 5, people can pull them right out of the image, like that fish was caught at rougly 47:3410 122:5816.
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  6. While I appreciate your advice about the geotagging I was unaware of, you could be much less of an ass about it.
  7. Damn, such punishment for having a nice time.

  8. Holy shitstorm, start a conversation for a change.
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  9. Right. Another member of this forum pm'd me in a very polite fashion about the proper handling of these wild fish, both ethically and legalistically. I appreciate when members of the forum take the time to educate (politely), that's what makes this such a great community.

  10. ah I did to the original poster before saying anything in this thread, I didnt like the response so whatever.

    Sorry it cant all be puppys and rainbows but here is a picture of some to make everyone feel better.

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  11. Purdy, Ollala, Kopachuck, Titlow, Belfair, Lincoln Park, Point No Point...

    Oh my, oh my, now I've really blown it and hoard's of anglers are going to descend on these WELL KNOWN public beaches and catch ALL the fish! Not! Heck, most of the time lately I wouldn't mind some company. In the last 2 weeks, between 3 of the above mentioned beaches (is that obscure enough?) I've seen a total of three other anglers and one of those was with me.

    Just being on the right beach doesn't guarantee you'll be on the right part of the beach, at the right time, on the right tide, and with the right weather and water conditions.

    Just sayin.
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  12. What do you get from posting the names of beaches on a public forum? Do you need the attention, the accolades for being a rebel? Do you enjoy sharing beaches with the buzz bomb throwing idiots? This past year a local shop posted maps and information about local beaches, this summer us locals found snaggers on two beaches and in bays we've never seen them before. If you think only fishermen who act ethically and don't snag or trespass read this board you're very wrong. Also, if you think you're doing the resource any favors you're wrong again.

    Also, at one of the south sound beaches you names the neighbors are concerned about increased numbers of people on their beaches, they do own to the beaches and are talking about putting up "no trespassing" signage. If, in the future, you or others bitch about a significant section of this beach being closed, just remember actions have consequences.
  13. Looks like you guys have your panties in a bunch. Anyone who fishes for sea runs knows all of these places and more. They will also tell anyone who listens that the fish are sometimes there and sometimes gone. Safe handling of fish is always a concern we share so let's try to be a little more civil with each other. There's enough strife in the world today that we don't need to add to it. Let's go fishing and enjoy what we have. Save your critcisms for personal messages.
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  14. Just tried the "ignore" function (twice). So far I like it!
  15. Saw you guys down there
    Looked like nice water

    You obviously get a lot of visible drivebys when fishing the popper
    It makes you think of all the action near your fly when it is sub surface
    Soon we will have mini go pros that strap on to the leaders
  16. I believe that increased pressure on a beach or run in a river has negative repercussions for the resource thus my post. Perhaps my question should have been, "what positives come from naming a beach on a public forum, and do these outweigh what many of us recognize as negatives"?
  17. Now that would be cool! Imagine WDFW signing off on off-season fishing with nothing but a feathered camera!
  18. Specific beaches should never be named, even the well known one's... It only puts them up front and reminds people of them. I think we have all seen, not even the well know beaches get even more crowded, but one's we've fished for years that now have new faces rooming them. People need to realize how quickly we can loose what little we have left just by naming names online.
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  19. I tend to agree. I also heard about this new thing called "Google" that will search across the internet for specific terms which broadens the reach and archives every word posted...

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  20. I was out at the beach yesterday evening and that sunset was awesome. I did catch a Sculpin...no SRC :( but it was fun.
    Secret beaches, secret cliffs, bolting on the lead or on a rap line...every sport has its drama. I started Flyfishing to relax and thats my plan :)
    Grats on getting out, sounds like a superb day!
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