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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by DennisE, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. How about all you "Fly Fishing Purists" stop acting like middle school girls. I tend to hate this forum when you start bitching about your precious fishing spot, don't post if you have nothing constructive to say. Don't get me wrong I love and care about our fisheries, but I tend to hate you "Fly Fishing Purists". If you have a problem with the fisheries and fellow fly fishermen, maybe you should just leave the state.
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  2. Hoping to do it again tomorrow. Or at least make the effort. Different tide time, different weather condition, but I'll take it! And if that doesn't work, there are 2 other beaches (which shall remain unnamed to avoid offending sensibilities) within about 10 minutes.

    And a brewery tasting room! Or is mentioning Seven Seas giving out too much info?
  3. Look guys, some folks are overly sensitive about putting the beach your fishing on the net, but it is for good reason. Someone else mentioned above that there isn't anything to gain by posting the location, and that's true if you think about it. If anyone on the forum really wants to know where you were they will PM you, and if you feel like telling them you can. The problem with reports (especially good ones) is that it can overly crowd a beach in a big hurry.

    We witnessed this at a popular MA-9 beach this year. Everyone and their mom knows about this beach, and that it can be very productive. What they don't know is WHEN it's productive. So one week there were a number of good reports posted about said beach....Saturday the usuals show up to fish and there are at least 3 times as many fly fisherman there as usual. This wouldn't be a problem other than the fact that there is only room for about 4 fly guys there, and we showed up with 10+ guys lining the beach. What it meant is that really no one could effectively fish the beach that day and it sucks for everyone. Talking to some of the folks it was apparent they came due to the good reports. These were just the forum members and the friends they brought, so you can imagine how it can spread and you end up with guys driving past numerous other good spots to come fish the one "hot spot" everyone's been talking about.

    So as far as the popular beaches go, I won't name them (or even post a report), because I want to be able to fish it the next day without being crowded. I don't think the issue is letting the secret out that said beach exists....that becomes the problem when you're talking about little known areas.

    Either way you can tell the fishing must be slow because there's way too much bickering on here lately!
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  4. Geez, at least you guys have beaches that hold fish.
    its a 2 hour or more drive for me to get on a decent beach.
    as an old sign hanging in a gun club used to say, KWITYERBITCHING.
  5. So put me on your "ignore" list. No need to mention place names. Us old timers don't like it, so please refrain. Some people just don't "get it".... Don't be offended, just "think".
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  6. If you live in Everett and it takes you 2 hours to get to a beach that holds fish, you need a new car
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  7. Yeah, if you really cared about our fisheries you'd take your head out of your ass and realize what we are talking about and what's going to happen if you all keep telling the whole world where you're fishing. Some of us older guys have witnessed this over the years and don't want it to keep getting worse. Do you really hate us?
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  8. You've been here two months and yet you think you know how best we should handle our discussions? You come to this site and everyone except for the other new guy is telling you to keep your mouth shut so maybe you should. Go find somewhere else to be disrespectful.
  9. Juniper Beach, oops, not Camano island, oops I mean Whidbey island, no I meant Skagit Bay
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  10. Ed Call deleted quote of inappropriate post

    As you get older my hope for you is that you will get wiser and more mature.

    You have disrupted numerous threads in the short time that you have been posting on the saltwater forum which is known for sharing of knowledge.

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  11. Ed Call deleted inappropriate photo

    To all you young punk fishing "blabbermouths", Mr. Rogers has a message for you. Welcome to the neighborhood:

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  12. Enough. You are all contributing to ruining my first day with my girls and that pisses me off. Who's going to push it and get tossed?

    Grow up! Behave yourselves, all of you! Throwing gas cans into the fire is never a wise method of fire suppression.
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