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  1. I am an avid fly fisherman. Most of why I am is for all the right reasons. Sure, I have the problem of getting into the "numbers" game, but who doesn't. However, for the most part, the sport just takes me to happy places. The rhythmic motion of the cast, the fly selection, the reading water, watching for specific hatches and most importantly the camaraderie of friends around a camp fire drinking their favorite beverages and sharing stories from the day or trips past.

    One hot topic seems to be Rocky Ford Creek.

    I don't want to start a internet frenzy. Just want to make a comment.

    R.F. is what it is. I actually think people are missing the point. It is a happy place, maybe not as happy as other places, but not bad all the same. Sure the fish are rough, but hell, who cares, your still having the opportunity to throw line, read water, have a good fire, drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke and swap stories. Not to bad in my book.

    As for people getting mad that their little secret is getting out. I have a real great place that no one knows about... It is called the Bighorn, or is it the Southfork of the Snake or the 'Mo. Again, it doesn't matter. Don't forget what this is all about. The happy place with the drink and cigar, man. That is it and that is all. Out.
  2. Rocky Ford is a hot topic? Must have missed that thread...
  3. Been fly fish'n for 25 years, never been there. Some day, I'll make it to your happy place.....wait, that sounds kinda wrong.
  4. I've seen plenty of mention here and elsewhere. I've never been yet. Enjoy your happy place. If others don't get it, that is their loss.
  5. When I was first learning, I thought R.F. was great! It was fairly close(40 minutes away). It was the first place I ever caught a 10lb bow on a dry fly! I only go there now to take beginners for the visual thrill of fishing to big brood-stock, or get a fix if all my preferred places are froze up. But for Washington it's a pretty good spring-creek.
  6. It's a nice place to fish and a great place to practice your knot tying!
    Happy Place is the destination...Anticipation is the journey.

    Arrgh, name your smoke and swill mate!
  7. Ah, the contentment, the joy, excitement, happiness, serenity of being on the water with a fly rod no matter where it is.

    The question I offer is, can you find that without the drink or the smoke?
  8. I was out to the "Happy place" on Sunday, even caught a few rough trout, no 10 lb.ers.
    Watching the ducks come in while the sun sets, quail singing in the brush, the hatchery worker speeding up and down the gravel road, pure peace.
    I tell ya what, it's living the dream!!!!!
  9. scottflycast- Rum and Cokes and a Cigar. Tops of a great day of fishing.

    Upton O- Damn right I can still enjoy fishing without the rum and coke and cigar. Often do, but much prefer to be able to end the day with a fire and two or three rum and cokes and a cigar or two.

    Glad that most of you understood "happy place". Those that don't, watch Happy Gilmore for reference or just use a sense of humor and it will all be good.
  10. Gary,
    Those hatchery workers get a big kick out of raising dust. I don't think their trucks have any low gears!
  11. "Happy Place is the destination...Anticipation is the journey." - Scott

    Best thing I have heard in a while1 I love it!
  12. Chef, I understand, I wasn't referring to the after glow at the end of the day, I was referring to drinking or "smoking" while out on the water. And I'm not implying people can't imbibe while fishing, just offering a question. I get into a zone when fishing and its totally from being on the water, casting a fly, and making the retrieve. I love it. The problem is, on occasion, a fish interrupts my Zen.

    "Ah, yes, grasshopper, so why do you choose to use a hook then?" would be the next question. My answer is "I can only take so much peace without getting overwhelmed."
  13. Uptown: I think you miss understood my intent. I am agreeing with you. I think that it is just being out fishing, along or in good company of friends, having fun, fishing, and getting away from my life into a special world that I love.
  14. Chef, thanks for clarifying for me, I missed it. You also mentioned the other magic words for me "in good company of friends". That always magnifies my experience in the field or on the water.
  15. i agree. among friends is wonderful. The other day at Lone Lake with everyone was awesome. We had such a wonderful time.

    I like fishing a long sometimes too.
  16. Ephrata U-Fish is indeed a happy place

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