FS Hardy Husky

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    Fished a total of four days and has otherwise spent its years in its case in a box in the closet. With the exception of a few small dings to rear edge and a very fine scratch below the drag adjustment which is hard to detect in person (but is exaggerated by camera), the finish is very much as it was the day I got it new. Unaltered ribbed brass foot. 3-3/8” diameter, 7.5 oz. The only flaw to the otherwise xlnt++ case is that the felted liner has come unglued from the foam. Set up as R/H wind, but reversible to L/H as described in the original paperwork (included). -SOLD-

    hardyhusky03.JPG hardyhusky04.JPG hardyhusky05.JPG hardyhusky06.JPG hardyhusky08.JPG hardyhusky10.JPG hardyhusky11.JPG
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    Now there's a smokin deal on a classic. I have one otherwise I would jump all over this. So here is a shameless plug for the reel. Makes an awesome 5/6 weight spey reel or switch setup. they don't come prettier for a reel made in the 60-70's this is a beaut.

    Good luck with the sale.
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    Sold - thank you