Hareline Adult Damsel Body

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  1. In the attempt to tie some adult damsels, I have had a hard time finding this material, and was wondering if anyone knew of something similiar to use as a replacement? From what I have been told, Hareline no longer produces its adult damsel body material, which seems strange given that it seems like the perfect material to tie this pattern. If anyone has any insights on why they stopped making it I'd appreciate hearing them. Is this stuff available anywhere anymore?

  2. I'm not familiar with Hareline's product, but I tie my adult damsels with braided monofilament, the same material used to form loop connections. It is available from Cortland in 30- and 50-pound sizes, and comes in 100-foot spools. I find 30-pound to be about the right diameter for most adult damsel bodies. I color the braided monofilament with marker pens and fuse the end to prevent fraying.

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  3. PM sent. I had a great day at amber with damsel adults but did not have any more body material.
  4. Preston,

    The material that Hareline used is braided mono.
  5. take some 10lbs mono and twist it then tie it in thats what i have done. i make the body like a furled leader. i have a video that shows you how to make them and its also how i make my bodies works great and a sharpy does wounders.

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