Has anybody heard from Jim Speaker?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Olive bugger, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Haven't seen him posting, but then I haven't been around much either.

    Hope he got his medical problems behind him.
  2. he was posting recently in the Cedar thread

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  3. Ya I fished every day of the three day weekend. But I've posted on a few threads. Business as usual... :)

    How's it goin Charlie? With it starting to cool down we should hit a Stillwater before it gets cold!
  4. By the way, Charlie, only I can tell my speech is a little messed up now. Even my GF couldn't tell there were occasional pauses or really tiny slurs. My coordination is back close enough to 100% that I can hardly ever tell now. I have a few pills each morning, but aside from that its as if it never happened. My brain re-wired quickly, in a month, to replace the dead cerebellum slice. Odd. Thank God!

    Thanks for askin about me :)
  5. Jim, sent you a PM.
  6. Jim,

    Glad to hear you are on the mend. Tight lines to you.
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  7. Your best post to date Jim.
  8. Good to read Jim!
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  9. I think that maybe I'll stay away for a few days and see if anybody here misses me.
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  10. If it makes you feel better. I will start a post about you.
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  11. We would miss you too, Jim.
  12. I'd sure miss you, after just a few days! That wouldn't bode well for keeping up the post count... ;)
  13. You all know that would never happen.
  14. Besides, if you dropped off, my roses would get hungry,

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