Has anyone caught a steelhead on the Samish River?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Norme, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. I'm driving down to the Samish River on Tuesday and was wondering if I should even bother. I know of some once good steelhead runs so I'm going to put sometime on the river/stream and see what I end up with. What should I expect?
  2. I would be surprised if you yanked a steel outta there. They are there, just from what i understand, very scarce. There is a picture floating around on the internet i saw of a guy holding like a 24lb. buck just below hwy 9 bridge in a section of river like 18" deep and pissable from shore to shore. Let us know how it goes!
  3. Read that thread that hedburner put out here. He said that the river was swollen from all the meltoff and what rain you all had. Just a couple of posts down from this one. Well it was before this one made it to the top.

  4. I would characterize the Samish as being tiny, crowded with gear guys (it is much better for a jig and float than a fly setup), and breakins common.

    Big fish do pass through there at times of the year but it isn't that great for the 55 other weeks.

    The Samish is blown out A LOT as well.

    Definately not good river if you have to drive a long ways.
  5. I know it's blown out right now but I will hit it when the water drops, I know where to go and I have an area picked out where no gear fisherman will be. I will let you guys know how it goes.
  6. What sucks is that the Samish could be a poster child for a "once great" river that has turned to shit. But I guess you can say that about a lot of rivers around the NW.
  7. Yep. One of the premier small-water SH streams once upon a time. The area around 99 and Steelhead Ln lays out really nice but like countless others, this place is missing one small important detail. It's a shame but then again this sob story has been beat to death, especially around here.

    Years ago it was fun pitching spoons for silvers, and a buddy of mine did pretty well on cutts out in the fields. But anymore it's a hawgquest in the mud game.....4/0 hook, big ol' glob and pull hard! (Puts Whatcom Cr Estruary to shame) :hmmm:
  8. I've been at the Mouth one time and once was enough. Way to many people fishing that don't have a clue what fishing is all about.

    Plus I've fished the middle a few times and once with Hedburner. He's got lots of accesses in his head. Almost as many as I do/did.

  9. i caught them in the 80's. used to head to the samish all the time after school
  10. I used to get my hatchery limit in about ten minutes using an esl in the 80's

    havn't fished it for awhile.
  11. I was waiting for your reply. I remember your stories of the Samish.

    And Pass Lake...and Lake Sixteen.
  12. The planting program has changed, there isn't hatchery fish numbers like that these days as far as I know.
  13. No fish in the Samish. For Sure.
  14. If you're willing to walk 400 yds or more, there is lots of places to fish the Samish with little or no other fishermen around. If you don't want to or aren't willing to walk at least 400 yds, don't bother since you will be surrounded by gear fishermen. But then again, I've caught steelhead on swung flies in the Samish with a switch rod right behind guys fishing with casting and spinning rods with plugs, row, sandshrimp, spinners, corkies, etc. It's just a lot more enjoyable to take the walk and get away from the crowds. Funny though, I've only caught wild steelhead in the Samish.
  15. The Samish was not planted with hatchery fish in 2007 (2 salts due back this winter); see -


    There should be a handful of 3-salt hatchery fish. As mentioned the Samish does have a reasonable wild run. As I recall the wild escapement goal is 700 fish with recent escapements in the 500 to 1000 fish range. Its wild fish tend to be a little earlier than most of those from north sound rivers.

    Tight lines
  16. Curt, sometimes I think you are to helpful.:(
  17. This thread is a prime example of why the internet makes me sick.

    WDFW biologist I talked to said they estimate 25 wild fish in the river and that they estimate each gets caught 10 times.

    This river should and probably will be closed.

    I wish all of you could stop your blabbering for a second.

    Seriously, STFU!

    If you want to fish it just fucking go already.

    I have been holding back from saying this because I know it will just blow this thread up even more.

    Oh and thanks FT, you are very foolish IMO.

    Every fisherman with any experience in this area knows that stream and is wise enough to keep their trap shut on the internets.

    The last thing we need is yet another fishery closing and even more pressure on the next fishery down the road! :beathead:

    Why do you steelheaders not realize this? How is it possible that you posted this? Are you totally nieve?
  18. can a mod delete this thread
  19. I prefer to use a 7/8 Deer Creek Spey on that river with 550 grain Airflo Compact Skagit head. A fifteen foot tip of t-14 really helps to get your fly down to where the fish are. Those wild fish in there are real screamers though so you may want to step it up to the 8/9 weight.

    Before you go make sure you tie up some classic spey flies. Jungle Cock will really get these fish turned on.

    The other trick to fishing the Samish is to concentrate all your efforts right at the Old 99Bridge. The Steelhead really concentrate here as it is right below the hatchery and has some really nice riffles and pools.

    Have fun out there.
  20. I agree it sucks when someone outs your personal playground on the web. :rofl: Hopefully you realize every time you replied to it you boosted this threads search engine ranking. :rolleyes: This one just made page one one google.

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