Has Anyone Fished Pass Lake Recently?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Breck, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Got a buddy coming up from Portland this weekend that wants to fish Pass. Anyone care to share a report?

    Please & thanks,

  2. Fishing is good. They are eager to feed and are anticipating the winter cold. Water temps are down and the bite wont turn on until around 10am. Dont waste your time with the first half of the lake row straight down to the end and fish a small leach with a copper john or caddis larva dropper and you will do very well. Let them sink as close to the bottom as possible. All the rainbows are pretty big that Ive landed. Bring some big uglies to tempt a Brown hog. Last 45 minute of light is killer. Be mindful of the weather, supposed to be raining with winds to 25mph! Might be tough casting. If you can cope with the wind it will be worth the trip.
  3. Breck/Thomas,

    I was on pass today along with 6 or 7 other boats. Fishing was slow all day. Each person seemed to be hooking up only a few times. The weather was great with little wind and sunny. Water temp is 48. Perhaps the fish have turned off some since Thomas was there. Good luck to you.

  4. I fished there last weekend and landed 35+ fish on minnow patterns. You won't believe it but it happened
  5. Yeah thats when I was there last weekend and it was great. Maybe just an off day.
  6. Great fishing today for a couple of hours despite the continuous rain. My wife had the hot hand, with 6 nice 'bows to hand and a beautiful little brownie. I landed a really nice chunky rainbow, as well as a few other 'bows in the 12"-14" range.

    Got drenched. My old wading jacket is in pretty rough shape. Swung into Cabela's on the way home and got a nice new one. Going back in the morning.
  7. Nice job! Did you try any vertical presentations?
  8. Nothing vertical. Just slow trolled Drunken Dragons & white Wooley Buggers.
  9. If you find an area where you hit some bites, try those same patterns under an indicator.
  10. Ira,

    when you do this do you worry about the orientation of the fly being different? While trolling it would be essentially horizontal and under an indicator vertical. I know you are playing around with balanced patterns that hang horizontally under an indicator, but for those of use that don't have any balanced patters.
  11. The flies if not tied in a balanced format will sit vertical versus horizontal when using a vertical presentation but if you tie them with a heavy bead head at least they will jig somewhat nicely. Fish will still eat them even if they are not perfectly horizontal, but they sure do prefer a horizontal presentation. If you can give them that and have it not moving sitting perfectly within the right zone, MONEY!
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  12. Ira, jig hook then ? to get that horizontal look ?
  13. Or balance them with a straight pin. I have also cut and bent the eye off of smaller thinner dry fly hooks and then tied those onto another hook with a tungsten bead at the eye. This gives you two eyes so you can tie onto the one that you want if you are trolling or fishing vertical. The problem with this is the top eye for jigging has pulled out on me when I've cut them to short.

    The Jig hook though with a slotted tungsten bead is by far the easiest to tie.
  14. What size and color minnow pattern. I want a 35 fish day
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