Has anyone tried the Thomas & Thomas Heirloom?

Discussion in 'Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels' started by jasper0530, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Thinking about picking up the new Heirloom 4wt and was wondering if anybody has had it in their hands and could give me some feedback. Rod action specifically.
  2. I had the 8' 4wt, I bought off the fiberglass flyrodders forum. I owned it for two weeks fished it once on Depuy's spring creek here in Livingston. The rod did not suit me. It felt a little clunky , even for fiberglass. I own a glass rod from Fred Paddock, that in my opinion is far superior. I am by know means an expert on fiberglass. I just know I had to have it and was extremely diissapointed when I fished it. The rod flexes all the way to the butt , which is fine. I fished it with a cortland peach DT 4wt line. In retrospect, I think a long bellied WF line would be more suitable. Slow casting stokes teamed with the right timing makes this rod a more than adequate fishing tool. Just not for me. This rod was used, but well taken care of. The fit and finish is good, but you don't look at it and say WOW. In my opinion you would be better off with a custom rod from one of the fine glass rod makers. I would highly recommend one Fred's rods, if you can wait 4 months. Otherwise, I'd say buy an Heirloom used so you don't lose so much if you decide you don't like it. Good luck!!!
  3. hey jasper,
    you may like the 7'6" 4wt. i'm not really a huge fan of most 8' glass rods... IMO they're either too heavy in the hand, full-flexing, or tippy (how's that for scientific?). i do like my older 8' 4wt diamondglass (but it's their quicker 2pc configuration). i find that i like most of my glass in the 7' to 7 1/2' lengths. you might call T&T to talk live to someone. do you like your glass flexing into the handle or more of a mid-flex? decide what you like and what you're looking for before you drop lots of $$ if you can. if you lived in seattle, you could cast a few of my 4wt glass rods. enjoy the process!
  4. Thanks for the info fishfly and tonmike, I would really like to try more glass rods but I am in Albuquerque and not a lot of options for me. I have tried a couple lamiglas rods and especially liked the F904, but of course none for sale. I loved the slower action. I guess I was looking at the T&T because I like me Horizon graphite. Any info on where to get a glass rod in my hands without waiting 3 months?
  5. Jasper, there is guy on the fiberglass flyrodders forum that is listing once used heirloom's for 500.00 shipped from the UK. Might want to talk to him. I have T&T HII that I really like also. Like Tone said the d-glass rods are nice. The new ones that came out this year are even nicer looking. Hardy also makes a nice glass rod that is light. You should be able to get those right away. The d-glass is 299.00 Hardy is a round 100.00 more
  6. Hey Guys thanks for all the info. I just got a line on a steffen blank locally so I am going to build it up. It's a 7 1/2' 4 wt brown glass. Anybody have any suggestions on the build.
  7. I know that guy, by the way. I've sold him a few rods and shipped them overseas to Northern Ireland where he lives. I think he's almost certainly fine to deal with despite the distance.
  8. these are splendid >>> http://pioneeranglers.com/Lemke-Reel-Seats.php
  9. Just make it pretty! It's hard to go wrong with a Steffen blank!

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