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  1. Selling 2 Hatch reels.

    Hatch #1- Hatch 4 plus Finatic in Red. Reel is in excellent shape but very well fished. There are some nicks and scratches from use on frame but overall the reel is an 8. Comes backed and with a 5wt RIO Indicator line. Also comes with Box, Pouch and al tool included as if it were new. Since the reel has some scratches and a very slight dent on the frame which in no way effects the performance of the reel, this reel is going to be sold for 225.00

    Hatch #2- Hatch 9 plus Finatic in Blue. Reel is in amazing shape and has only been used about 6 or 7 times. Not a scratch to be had on it. Come backed with over 400 yards of 50 lb gel spun. Comes with Box, pouch and all tools as if it were new. 550.00

    Both these reels are STEALS at these prices!!!!!!all shipping and paypal fees on buyers side.

    pictures on request. thanks
  2. Few price changes !!
  3. Laat price drop before going to eBay !!
  4. PM aent
  5. hatch 4 plus is sold!!!
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