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    I am planning on exploring some of the Columbia gorge rivers for trout when they open and I was wondering if there were any websites that show the hatches on these rivers. I would like to be a little prepared.
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    It is early for trout but in March weighted #4 to #6 Golden Stone Fly nymphs should produce and it's worth trying a Stimulator dry in a #6 or #8.

    You may find that if it is a warm day that #16, #18 and even a #20 Baetis nymphs may work.
    Rather than specific nymph imitations I would recommend soft hackles or Hare's Ears.
    If I tried dries I would lean towards Parachute Baetis style for dry flies during a hatch.
    These tend to come and go quickly.
    I would use Stone Fly nymph and dries imitations if I had to choose only two flies.
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    Ya, that's the one I remember.
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    Awesome Taxon. I bookmarked that page.
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    Exactly what i was looking for Taxon. Thank you.