Hatchery brats: To bonk, or not to bonk?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mingo, Nov 27, 2005.

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    If I'm not wrong they introduced wolves back to the OP three years ago...please correct me if wrong.
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    If you caught a hatchery sea run cut or dollie (if there was such a thing), would you bonk them too? Personally, I release everything that I catch.
  3. Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

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    If the hatchery dollies and sea run cutts were hurting the wild fish, would you still release them? Catch and release is intended to preserve, and by releasing hatchery fish, you are doing the oppsite by releasing hatchery steelies. I personaly have though about bonking hatchery steelies even though there was no way I could get them back to mi casa with the meat still being in good shape. I would bonk them, take the gills out, and toss them back in the river or up the bank to help the wild resource grow if that is legal. I think it is a big fine and i dont want to be known as a poacher. I have been known to take a few hatchery steelhead smolts out of a river and feed them to the local....err i ate them.

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    See?, I told you so! I'm sure it is all clearing up now, right? :hmmm:

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    Porter I don't know what planet you are on, but this is exactly the type of misinformed crap that gets people in trouble. They never reintroduced wolves to the Peninsula, you are nuts man.

    See, you read some crap then spit it out and all of a sudden it happened and it is truth.

    Props to you dan, eh, for being part of the problem. Read some of the literature on the sites I provided earlier. You may change your mind.

    Zen is right on, feed the herons campaign.

    Please there are many starving herons, support the christian heron fund today by supplying your local heron with one hatchery smolt per day.
  6. cuponoodle breakfast gritty

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    So if I catch a wolf on the peninsula, should I release it? I hear they smoke up fine.
  7. Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

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    Make sure you use hickory, any other type of wood will leave a gamey flavor that is most unpallatable.
  8. Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

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    Actually, it is.......for me, anyway. If I had the type of job that allowed me to weigh in earlier I would have, but I can't post during the day. 46 employees keep me on my toes, so I was surprised to come home and see how many posts this generated!

    The adamant positions that were made answered my question. From a purely biological standpoint, TomB, Gordon and others with more knowledge than I have believe it is best to remove hatchery fish from the gene pool. Smalma offered his perspective which I always appreciate. Thanks for the input guys............unfortunately several unneccessary insults were added to a few posts ........pretty much par for the course lately on WFF :rolleyes: Backyard was right about the seasonal PMS!

    It seemed one person was waiting like a bass in the weeds to lash out at another member too...........sorry my topic brought that out, although after the anger ended he did make good points....then tossed in some more insults....:rolleyes:

    Enough with the hatin' already guys..............this is getting out of hand on the board lately. Whatever happened to "I respect your opinion but......" It doesn't matter how smart you are, if your method of communication is negative, you lose your audience.

    I think the reason Chris and the mods let this one go on without intervening is that it is important to our angling future. If I didn't want input, I would not have posed the question.

    There are some management decisions in this state that constantly amaze me, and allowing the killing of wild steelhead in some watersheds is one of them. Equally baffling to me is allowing the slaughter of wild steelhead in nets, then closing the c'n'r spring season due to "low escapement" while preaching how important it is to protect them. Doublespeak. Tribal interests, commercial lobby cash .....it is about money, pure and simple. This is like a corrupt CEO raiding his company's pension fund to line his own pockets, then telling his employees their salaries will be cut because the company is not doing well. All the politics that go on behind the scenes do leave a flyfisherman with a strong "protect wild steelhead" mentality shaking his head in disbelief at times :confused:

    I was raised with sporting ethics similar to Roper's......if I killed it, our family ate it. that went for ducks, quail, pheasant, trout, crappie (yum yum), everything. I used to take braces of ducks to the nuns at All Saints Parish on orders from my pop when we had more than we needed. I could personally not toss a hatchery steelhead I caught into the bushes, I would bring it home and give it to my neighbors (the East Indian neighbors stir up some pretty friggin' amazing sauces so I'll join that feast :thumb: )

    I'll bring more hatchery steelhead home. It is just as easy to put one in a hefty bag as let him go, and I'll win giant brownie points from the neighbors......my goodwill will be returned tenfold in cold beer and BBQ invites :clown:

    From my own viewpoint and experience, I have enjoyed every single steelhead I have ever caught. But I have to admit, I think wild fish are just plain better. They're far more aggressive, grab the fly with savagery and fight longer and harder. If there were no more wild steelhead, I would still fish for the hatchery variety, but it would be a very sad day indeed if that came to pass. I've had them miss a fly four times before chasing it almost to my boots and blast it in a spray of water.......I've never had a hatchery fish do anything close to that.
  9. gordon New Member

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    Barbless please, they have sensitive mouths and without an adequate supply of canine dentists (who are already working hard to keep the locals cleaned up) they may fetch a mean disease.

    Please, no knotted nets either as their eyes scratch easily.
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    I personally have not decided where I stand on this issue, having never caught a steelhead. Although, I suspect the first hatchery steelhead I catch I will keep. The testosterone chest pounding ritual will probably be the deciding factor. For all other subsequent hooks ups, it depends on whether I feel like eating fish that evening or not. If not, them away they go.

    Finally, from reading all the posts to this thread, I feel the only way to really aid the wild steelhead population would be to discontinue the hatchery program all together and the complete closure of all rivers to fishing. Since, even with the catch and release of wild steelhead there is still some degree of mortality.
    Do I think this will happen? Hell No!
  11. John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

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    Wow, I just waded through about thirty minutes of lengthly reading on essentially two opinions. Where are some other opinions? Bob, Steve, Chris where are you guys?

    John Hicks
  12. wet line New Member

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    Ethics, mine or yours? And ofcourse yours are always the right choice and all others be damned!

    No wonder why we have a wild steelhead problem.

  13. Nailknot Active Member

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    I've never seen such lack of class on this board.
  14. wet line New Member

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    Nail Knot are you referring to my post or the thread in general?

  15. Nailknot Active Member

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    Thread in general and the personal attacks.
  16. Matt Burke Active Member

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    This is not “just an internet room.” We are a very tight group of gentlemen who show nothing but respect for our fellow anglers and their opinions. It is very unfortunate that this thread didn’t work out that way. This isn’t just some video game where you can just blast away, reset and start over. If you can’t show respect, then get the hell out of our community.

    I just bonked.
  17. wet line New Member

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    When a person thinks they have all the answers they will defend their limited perspective at the expense of all other views. Maybe someday they will open up their minds rather than their mouths.

    There are THREE sides to a coin, heads, tails and the edge. And so it is with most issues and all sides have a degree of validity.

  18. gordon New Member

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    Ethically there may be many sides, but scientifically there is little grey area considering the influence of hatchery fish on wild fish. Just read some literature so you can understand wetline et al. before taking the easy way out. The more you know the more you will care.
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    Gordon- did a bully kick sand in your face at the beach? What's with the attitude? Chill out kid.
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    Alright... I'm not going to read all 80 posts. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but aren't these Hatchery Fish considered a Put-N-Take fishery. I have always believed these fish were raised with the intent of being taken by fishermen.

    Side Note: Porter, drop the doobie and step away! Wolves have not been re-introduced in the OP. It has only been discussed.