Have any of you ever caught Steel in the salt?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Alexander, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. A PM with that info would be nice... I'm good at keeping secrets :D Super Secret Squirel. ;)

  2. And incur the wrath of Dec Hogan (who no doubt has no recollection of our brief e-mail exchange many years ago)???


    Well...maybe :)
  3. I've done it and caught winter steelhead off Whidbey and posted a how/where to on this very forum answering the very same questions. I don't feel like rewriting it so you'll have to look it up and I'll answer any followup questions you might have.

  4. Thanks Leland. I will start digging. :)
  5. You would be surprised how many of the searuns you catch are hybrids, especially the big ones. As for Whidby and beach fishing, just stay out of the water
  6. You know, you mention Hybrids and I'vewondering about this. I know there are Cutbows and it got me thinking about Searuns mixed with Steelhead.

    Ok, maybe someone can shed some light on this...(gee I never even thought of this!). The last big SRC I caught was a beast! Not abnormally big but dang, built like a torpedo, really robust a little over 20" and fought like hell! That thing was HOT! Upon landing it it looked rather odd, unlike any of the other SRC I've ever caught, but still trout (black markings), fish was really silver though and when I flipped it to look for the orange slashes I found none (to my surprise), so I went to take a pic of it and naturally I lost control and of the fish went. I thought it weird and wondered what else Trout like would swim in these waters, but what is the likelihood of catching a Trout that is not a SRC and not a Steely?
  7. Possibly a dolly, but you would have known. I have seen summer run steelhead a mixed together with searuns. A few biologists I talked with said they do cross breed especially in cases of low returns. I am just happy they stick around. It is like our own resident steelhead opportunity, but smaller
  8. I have seen steelhead in Puget Sound -- usually off the mouths of small creeks. I've hooked two steelhead by accident while fishing for sea-run cutthroat in South Sound -- but i lost them both. One of them was really big. At first, I though it was an ocean-going coho.

    My brother, who lives in SoCal, hooked and landed a steelhead while fishing with me on a South Sound beach a few years ago. yes, I was sick with jealousy. It was cool to see that beautiful fish swim away.

    I have also seen steelhead eating salmon spawn in the creeks, but that's not really the topic here.

    I don't target steelhead in Puget Sound, but I strongly suspect that anyone's best shot is setting up shop where a creek flows into saltwater and start casting....

    Several biologists have told me that they suspect some of the really big sea-run cutthroat we're catching these days might be steelhead (rainbow trout)/cutthroat hybrids. My biggest cutts have all had the slashes. Interestingly, I've caught rainbow trout on Oregon's Deschutes River with cutthroat slashes.
  9. Now would be a good time at Bush Point with the high waters of the rivers pushing their scent out into the salt along the west shore of Whidbey.

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  10. I have, yes, but on cut-plug herring. Where I guide up North in the summers there are always a few caught each season. Two summers ago we had 3 in one day (probably a small run went by...?) and this past summer we had 4 for the whole season.
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