Have I Blasphemed? (interpretive spey version of Drain's 20)

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Southsound, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Southsound Steve Cole - Nisqually and Adjacent Environs

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    I have this flaw in my character, I think... I find a great, classic steelhead/salmon/cutthroat hairwing pattern and feel compelled to try a spey version of it... this is my take on Wes Drain's "Drain's 20" with a spey styling to it (with apologies to Mr. Drain).

    Steve Cole
    Tumwater, WA
  2. Flyborg Active Member

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    Beautiful fly. I'd definitely hit it.
  3. obiwankanobi Active Member

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    Damn, its too late now, but that pattern would have been a great entrant in the spey swap!!
  4. Philster New Member

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    Well... I personally believe that you Have tied a Drain's 20. If you stick to the color scheme, but just tied it in a different style, the fly is still the fly! A hairwing, feather wing, spey, templedog, whatever can be called A Drain's 20/spey, or Drain's 20/templedog. Nice tie. Anything that makes people remember the classics should be applauded:beer2:
  5. Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

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    If this is blasphemy it is time for a new religion. This is a beautiful interpretation.

    A couple of questions.
    Its hard to see details in the photo but there is an arching dark line under the wood duck wing. What is that?
    Also it looks like the GP tippet is tied in at the beginning of the third body segment. Is it?

    I knew Mr Drain, saw many of his flies, from simple hair wings to full dress Atlantics, even mounted a few. I think he would have liked it.

  6. sharpshooter223 Member

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    just a noob question, i have only been tying basic flys for about a year, what does a spey fly mean.
  7. Southsound Steve Cole - Nisqually and Adjacent Environs

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    All... thanks for the feedback and Philster, I particularly like you take on rendering classic ties.

    There were a number of questions that I will try to answer. The GP tippet is tied in just past the flourescent yellow butt and is topped with a yellow macaw parrot feather (from Teela the parrot, thanks Teela!). The original recipe for the Drain's 20 calls for an underwing of cock of the rock but I substitute with the brightest red GP flank feather I can find. Just an aside, the hackles are from a white eared pheasant that I happened across about a year ago... wonderful material as it only requires a thorough cleaning before dying, no bleaching needed as with the blue eared.

    As to what comprises a true "spey", I can't offer a definite answer... the classic spey fly has been defined by Kelson, Pryce-Tannatt, and others with relatively strict criteria. There are good discussions of what comprises a "Spey" fly on this and other boards... Flytyer in another forum summed up some of the essentials (paraphrased by me):

    - Long, flowing hackle
    - constrasting throat hackle
    - slim body of dubbing, floss, tinsel, or combination thereof begining in front of the hook point;
    - tinsel or tinsel and floss combined ribbing;
    - low set wings that do not extend beyond the hook bend

    I think someone could (and probably has!) write a treatise on the definitive spey fly...

    Thanks again for the encouraging words...

    Steve Cole
  8. Dec Hogan Member

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    I assure you that Wes would have loved your spey version of his Drain's 20 as much as I do! Wow, very cool fly. And I appreciate your tying skills (which includes your soulful style.)
  9. kamiakBB New Member

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    Steve -- ABSOLUTELY brand new to this site and forum, and still to fill even my first box w/ "feathers" ... but I AM frustrated in seeing Flyborg apparently responding to a "visual interpretation" of your fly ... but w/ NO thumbnails (piccies) of your work there to link to ?
    I'm sure it is something I am just not doing, but Wes was someone my father knew and fished w/ and to see his work represented ANYWHERE/ANYWAY is always a treat ! Could you do me a great favor and just call (H/C) (425) 258-3300 (or) e/mail (kalliefarm@comcast.net) and let me know if I am this much of a klutz, or did you possibly remove the images to update or add to the list ? Thanks for the newbie help !
  10. johnnyrockfish Member

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    I'm contemplating tying using part of a rubber worm for the body, that perhaps, is blasphemy. But one man's blasphemy may end up being another man's secret weapon. If it works I'll call it the Blasphemer!

  11. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    JR, rubber worm? Don't do it!