NFR Have You Used Rio Powerflex or SlickshooterShooting lines

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by USMC VET, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Wanting to know if you have used the Rio Powerflex and Rio Slickshooter Running lines and what do you like or dislike.. more important how do they cast?

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  2. I've used the Rio Slickshooter. It casts well after the initial stretch---I get about 15 feet more distance with a cast than I do with my airflow running line. Down side is that it does not mend as well and will cut a groove in your finger if you are not careful when you strip the line in.
  3. I have the Rio powerflex on my switch and I like it a lot. Cast better than the ridge and easy to handle. Mends pretty good too

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  4. Thanks for the replies, I think I will use the powerflex..
  5. I use both. I tend to prefer the Slickshooter on the lighter stuff and on Scandi heads. Get a lot more line speed with that running line.
  6. I have been using Rio Slick Shooter since it was introduced and I love it. It is especially easy to handle in cold water. Never had a problem.
  7. I too use Slickshooter. It's cheap and it works great. You do need to give it an initial stretch, and I find before each session I'll strip off the length of what I would expect to cast and stretch it out too and then wind it back up. Anything past the max of my ability to cast I don't see a need to stretch as it will just be peeled off during the fight.
  8. I use powerflex. I can cast about as far as with slickshooter with it. I find powerflex much easier to handle and it doesn't "kink" like slickshooter can. I think it is more durable and last longer also.
  9. the red running line I am using is ok but I notice after a few cast it coils into circles up the rod which must effect the line passing through the eyes at least a little bit. Does slickshooter have this coilup/slinky effect
  10. .024 & 0.030 Powerflex fan here. going on 5-6 years. Lots of use, clean 'em with line dressing every so often, never kinks, seldom knots, when it does it's easy to separate, floats well, easy to mend.. I mean, what more can you ask from a running line?
  11. I use the red Slickshooter and I do find that it does have a little bit of a coil, but after stretching it before fishing I find the coils are very loose and quite large and don't really affect my ability to cast. I find that the material it is made from, or whatever it's properties are, stop the coils from every drawing tight or tangling. They might look sort of tangled or bunched up while sitting in the water, but I don't ever find them to impede my casting or get tangled in the first guide.

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