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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Beachmen, Feb 28, 2013.

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    i have never really gotten in to high dressed flies but i thought i was have some fun with some materials that i had out of my desk and what i thought to put with it as i was tying along. i know that they are nothing special and the small ones head is a little big but they were very fun to tie. what are your thoughts? and please give feed back.
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    I agree about the head on the little one. I know Dec Hogan wrote about big headed flies, but I have never had trouble fishing them. But Dec has swung about a Gajillion more flies at Steel than I...

    Generally speaking I think they are very fishy looking flies. I find the top one aesthetically pleasing as well, if that matters. The profile is large for the fly (I think that is good) and the underwing is all GP tippets, correct? If so it should flutter when swung (as will the GP crest tail). I think so anyway. And as a bonus it should work dead drifted as well...it's quite buggy.

    Nice stuff :)
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    thanks david. and the underwing/chin is guinea wing. if thats what i your talking about. the main wing for the fly is Lady Amherst. not much different that GP. just a little more expensive haha. i am hoping to get out this summer for summer runs and salmon with them.