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  1. I went fishing off on the Windward side of Oahu with Coach Duff on Monday the 14th. My buddy who lives near Duff dropped me off at his place in the morning where I found him at the bench finishing up a couple of more flies for the day. Got a quick lesson on how these flies can be incredibly simple and still be effective. He has a sweet boat with a 90hp outboard so getting to the first flats took merely a couple of minutes. Coach Duff climbed up on the platform and started pushing me across the first flat where we saw a nice school of bones within a few minutes. Most of you would have had yourself a fish right there but I managed to get a cluster of flyline at my feet followed by a screwed up cast. We saw several more in that flat during the morning but they were a little spooky and not quite on the feed it seemed. I had one take a nice run at my fly only to refuse at the last second. Incredibly exciting fishing seeing those fish, casting to them, then watching them when they see the fly and go after it. Like dry fly trout fishing but with a lot longer time to watch the fish decide if it wants to eat your fly or not. It that first flat there were two separate bones cruising alone that were scary big...looked like a winter steelhead swimming by. I managed a meager shot at one of them but had no luck there. We took a short cruise to the second flat in the late morning and my luck changed a bit. Got into my first fish a few minutes into
    that flat and was amazed at how much fight it had.

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    It was a decent bonefish by typical standards it seems but the Coach said they came much bigger than that in Hawaii.

    A short while later after a couple of close call refusals we both saw a nice fish swimming out about 50ft off the bow. I managed to punch a cast out under the wind and landed it just in front of and a tad short of the fish...it was awesome to see it turn and tear after the little shrimp pattern and after a couple of short twitches and a strip set I was greeted by a screaming reel that I'll never forget! The first thing the fish did was rip toward the shore which was apparently good because there is less coral there. Apparently it found a piece to turn around because the line was hooked under a piece of coaral and it took off back out to deeper water. Duff hopped out of the boat and unhooked the backing and the fight was back on. Three more crazy runs later and narrowly averting a crisis with coral we had this guy in the net.

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    Coach Duff has a certified Boga grip fishing scale and it weighed in at 10lbs. I'd say for my first bonefishing trip this was the ultimate case of beginners luck! I hooked up with another really nice fish that went on a crazy run but broke me off on some coral. Not huge numbers for me but I have no doubt that most of you who are more able fishermen than I would have hooked several more.
    What an unbelievable day it was. The Coach was a delight to fish with. He's full of information about the fishery and has a great "island" attitude. He also gave me a ton of "do it yourself" info for next time I want to give it a shot on my own. I've been home for a day and can't wait to get back!
  2. Good for you!! It sounds that you had a great day. You landed two and had shots at several more. If it was too easy, it wouldn't be worth doing. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  3. Wow, nice, nice, nice. Well done on a huge bone.
  4. I'm heading there and got a day with Coach in two weeks. We'll be on the north shore and hope to do some DIY

  5. Damn sweet fish dude, nicely done!
  6. Thanks fellas...it was sweet. Joe Smolt, I'll send you some info.
  7. Congratulations and thanks for sharing, that is awesome. I remember my first bonefish and what it felt like when that sucker headed for the deep....fast, real fast. It is always a challenge keeping them out of the coral, especially when wading.
    Good job, nice pics.
  8. Great Report! Gorgeous fish!
  9. :thumb::thumb:
  10. Sweet report! Yeah, Duffs a pretty rockin dude over there- and a sick skiff set up. Did you get out to Triangle and see the tailers?
    Duff is full of info and once you learn the DIY, it's really satisfying spotting and stalking one yourself. Did you get a chance to do Kawaikui Park or anywhere in H'Kai? That is a decent flat to practice on.
  11. Hi Searun,
    Never got out on my own...it was a family/friends trip and I took one day to fish. I appreciate the info you sent me though. I get there a bit so I'm planning to head out on my own next time and I'll use that info for sure.
  12. Well my HI trip was addictive but not as successful. I hooked a small bone blind casting to a "ramp". The 3 lb fish pulled like a 10 lb steelie. Saw a lot of bones, but they saw us too soon. Afternoon was slow. I saw one 8 lb bone that made me drool. Sight fishing is just so addictive.

    I did some DIY fishing from my North Shore condo. Caught some interesting fish. I wanted to catch a Jack and picked a small one on a clouser. Again.....Damn! A small 15" fish can rip some line. Makes you get addicted to the whole tropical saltwater fishing thing. Some day I hope to go back and have more than one day away from my family for fishing. Time to brainwash my 5 year old. Son...bonefish are the bomb.

  13. Wow what a fish. Totally awesome, congratulations on a prize catch! I am heading off to Florida next week - I hope to do as well.
  14. Just now saw your report . . . good for you! People will put in a lot of days and weeks hoping to get in to a 10 pound bonefish. Those are gorgeous speciments that you caught; their health, size, coloring; awesome!

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