Hawaii Peacocks and Largemouth

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  1. Stan Wright

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    The water temperature hit that magic 80 degrees and the peacock bass are going crazy. Our peacock bass average about 2 pounds with a 3 to 5 pounder not that uncommon.

    Shane was using his buzz bait and landed some nice fish... like this 2 1/2 lb. largemouth.

    This was the largest we were able to get into the boat for pictures. A 3 pound peacock bass. Several larger ones came unbuttoned right at the boat. Several more just jumped and tossed the lure. Wild surface action whether you land the fish or not... LOL

    I was switching between a popping bug on the fly rod and a spinning rod with 4# test.

    This 1 1/4 pounder is lots of fun with ultra-light spinning tackle.

    We're seeing lots of larger peacock bass along the shore. Looks like spawning time is almost here.
  2. Gary Thompson

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    Sweet, Stan
  3. Upton O

    Upton O Blind hog fisherman

    Neat stuff, peacock bass are one of my "bucket list" fish.
  4. Roby

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    Same here. Looks like a blast!