Hawaiian Bone Fish Part 2

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  1. D RAY

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    I was so stoked about landing my first bonefish, that I decided to take the ferry back over to Molokai to try it again. I wasn't disappointed! I had miles of flats to myself, and I must have seen 25-30 bones. I had six flat out refusals, and at least 7 follows before they decided they didn't like the fly or the presentation. I also had 3 fish do what they are supposed to do, two of them got away though, one because of equipment failure, the other because of operator failure. The two fish I lost were Big Bones, I'm still having nightmares! The small one I landed went one-hundred yards into my backing twice! There weren't as many Black tips around this time, and I did not see any GT's, but I got an offer to go to X-mas Island in April for GT's...I just might do it. Aloha!
  2. zen leecher aka bill w

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    I haven't seen Primo beer since I left Guam in 1970. It wasn't on my top 5 of beers.
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    Wasn't on mine either Bill w...but when your guide/friend offers a cold one after landing a bone in 80 degree temps, you say "Mahalo Brah"
  4. Jordan Simpson

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    Did you go out with Clay again out on Moloka'i? Also, what patterns did you find got the most interest?
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    Congrats to D Ray on a great trip. Thanks for sharing. I just tried to book Clay for anytime between April 6 - 11 and he his is booked solid. Does anyone else know of another guide? I get the impression that this is a fairly new deal in Hawaii and there are not a lot of guides doing it.
  6. Jordan Simpson

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    There are quite a few people doing it, but it's concentrated on selected islands. Are you specifically wanting Moloka'i?
    Some guides I can throw out there (though I'm not sure which islands they are all on, are:
    Rob Arita, Coach Terry Duffield, Clay Ching, Ed Tamai (ET) and Loui Delnofo (Louie The Fish). Also, Oli(ver) Owens.

    Hope that helps.
  7. ak_powder_monkey

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    that sounds a lot nicer than hanging out on the kenai with the -20 air temps!
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    I am staying on Maui and don't know what the fly fishing options are there. After reading D Ray's post, I thought of taking the ferry to Molokai. It seemed like my best option, but everyone is booked up.
  9. Jordan Simpson

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    Yes, Maui is difficult for fly fishing for bonefish. They are there, and they have been caught there on the fly, but I haven't seen anywhere on the internet that says it is a constant fishery and worth the time/effort. Granted, if you do get one on Maui on the fly, you have major bragging rights.

    I know there are a couple threads on WFF that are reports about Maui. Maybe try doing a search for them if you have to resort to DIY.
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    D Ray,

    Looks like you had a good trip with Capt Clay. I'll see him later this month. Hope to catch bone. I'm a friend of the Jolly's from ANC and they've shared some of the stories from your epic SE AK trips during the spring. I need to make that trip one of these days.