Hawaiian Bonefish Trip

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by D RAY, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. D RAY

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    Over here on Maui, Oahu, and Molokai right now, specifically to get married tomorrow. But, while that is the most important reason I'm here, I had other motivations also, and that was to fly-fish for bones. I fished the triangles on Oahu, had three follows and one take that lasted ten seconds before it cut the leader on coral. What a blast...stalking, spotting, intercepting their line of travel, and then making a cast that can't be too far away, and definitely not too close! These fish were very spooky, they would blow up when baitfish would swim in their direction. They also were very large, 8,9,10 lbs. fish! The conditions were horrible, with the winds gusting to 20 -25, white clouds overhead which created a glare. But that's fishing, I was happy just to be fishing. I can't wait to fish Oahu again, those fish made me a veteran quickly! A couple of days later I traveled over to Molokai, tons of black tip reef sharks on the flats, they were blowing up the water! Kind of eerie having sharks swimming within 5-6 feet away. I actually hooked a bone while a black tip swam towards me, I'm watching the bone scream off a hundred yards of backing at mach speed, while watching the shark swim in my direct line. Once he got within five feet of me, I stomped my foot and he blew up, spraying water all over. Totally out of control. I'm a happy man!
  2. Big E

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    Pretty awesome...bonefish and marriage...Congrats on both! Never heard of the triangles when I was looking at places to fish bones....where's that? What rod and reel were you using? What fly was your most productive?
  3. agent montana

    agent montana This Must be a sickness!! MARINATE!!!

    D-Ray in Hawaii? It must be global warming!! Great Post!
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  5. Craig Pablo

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    Wow, trip to Hawaii bonefishing with a distraction thrown in for good measure? Nice! Even better if you're fiancee was fully aware of your dual-opportunity and was fine with it, truly a keeper indeed if that was the case! Congratulations!
  6. Phil Fravel

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    Great report. I sure did not do that well. good for you
  7. ibn

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    Nice work, they are a real blast!
  8. Denny

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    Now, that's funny!
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    Triangle is one of my favourite places- when the tide is right you can see tails everywhere there.
    If you went at it on your own, I bow down to you- but since you had a fairly successful time, I will assume you had a guide. Who was it? Duff, Louie, or ET?
    Was Triangle the only place you fished?

    Man, you're getting me stoked to be back there in one month! Thanks!

    What pattern did you get them on? I found that when it was cloudy, that orange seemed to work the best...

  10. Jordan Simpson

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    Also, Moloka'i has some awesome bonefishing- I think Clay Ching and Rob Arita are the main guys out that way...?
  11. D RAY

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    Jordan, I went with Ching out of Molokai, and Hennessey out of Oahu. Going back to Molokai in a couple of days! Orange and brown patterns.
  12. Jordan Simpson

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    Yeah man, orange is what I got them on this past January too. I'm actually headed back at the end of January for a couple weeks. If you get the chance, the Ala Wai Canal in Waikiki is loaded with small barracuda that are a blast on a 5 or 6wt. You can also get small trevally in there.

    Maybe one time we'll line our trips up and run into each other out there- cast to some tails on Triangle!
  13. bhudda

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    Congratulations D ray on the catch of a lifetime!, and also on the bone's:)
  14. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    Very kool D Ray!!!
  15. D RAY

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    Agent Montana, I used to live on Oahu!
  16. Richard Torres

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    Congrats to you and the Mrs. D Ray!

    Some fantastic pics to boot too!

    Black tips and bones.. A good name for a rock band!
  17. D RAY

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    Thanks Richard...or the funky name for a reggae group!
  18. Jay Burman

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    This is a friend of mine from my years in Hawaii. At the time C&R was unheard of and Bonefish were caught on bait and eaten for dinner. Bones for dinner..jpg