Hawg huntin' y'all?

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  1. Bad ass, bucket list critter to hunt, kill and BBQ
  2. We hunted the snot out of `em down in northern CA when I lived there. Mostly with bow, but I did have two cousins who actually hunted them with their dirks (NO, not DICKS, you slugheads!) They'd try to drive the hog down a little ditch with steep sides, then jump on it and stick it with the dirk. For the record, my dirk has a 12-inch blade you can pick a sliver out with the needle tip, or shave with the full tang quarter-inch thick blade's edge. so yes, something like that's up to the task of sticking a 200lb hog,
  3. "12" blade"
    Sounds like someone's over compensating.
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  4. Nah, it's a short one. You should see my basket hilt sword:eek:
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  5. I hunted hogs when I was in Ca. also. My buddy has a pair of boots that are pretty much shredded from a small hog chewing on them when he cornered him in the brush. He said he finally shot him with his pistol but he didn't right away because the hog was moving around so fast he was afraid he's shoot his foot. Wished I'd of had a video of that one.

  6. That sounds intense. I've always wanted to hunt one with a spear, but a big-ass knife would do too.

    Or I guess I could hunt 'em with my dick, but the risk-benefit analysis doesn't really pan out.
  7. Alex , It doesn't seem fair that you would hunt them with a knife of any kind given your military training. I think it would be more sporting for you to have a go at the hogs with a shoelace & a box of band aids just to give the pig a sporting chance in all fairness !
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  8. Great sound track
  9. I think I'll just continue to get mine at Safeway... holy crap!
  10. A boar with tusks is nothing to trifle with. If I'm shooting one, then its through a fence or at long range. Those noobs with arrows need to have their heads checked.
  11. I was invited on a coastal Georgia hog hunt back in the 80's, when I asked for input on the type of firearm I should bring I was told "We never use guns, you can bring a knife if you want". Turns out these good ol' boys like to use chase dogs to catch the hogs and then the hunters, who are running in trail, grab and tie the pigsup. They then transport the critters to one of their pens where they feed it grain for a few weeks then slaughter it.

    The wild hog that I've eaten is excellent but I passed on the hunt. Don't have cajones that big.

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