Hawks 4-0 for first time...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaiserman, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Tim Cottage

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  2. Kaiserman

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    Still, I think they need to get Wilson rolling out more. At 5' 10 1/2" (without cleats on) that's where he's best.

    Back to my first question,( because I can't navigate through Google on this):
    Isn't this O.C. for the Hawks a new one? Might explain the "old school" style of offense.
  3. OC is Darrell Bevell, it's his 3rd season as Seattle's OC. That Houston defensive front is one of the best in the biz, maybe rolling out more would have been better but I didn't find the play calling to egregiously terrible or anything.

    At this point they've played 3 of the better defenses in the league in Carolina/S.F/Houston.
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  4. Kaiserman

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    Thanks. I thought I heard that they lost their OC to take a head coaching job. We'll have to "agree to disagree" on the play calling I guess. Too many runs up the middle and drop back passes with little to no play action, which is something Wilson is darn near a master at in only two years.

    Then again (kinda like you said), don't expect to get much running into the gut of J.J. Watt, Shaun Cody and Antonio Smith...

  5. At the end of last season Bevell's name was mentioned for a number of the coaching vacancies. They did lose the DC to Jacksonville.
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  7. Chris Johnson

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    That was their defensive coordinator, he is the Jacksonville head coach.
  8. Chris Johnson

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    I have never liked all this "super bowl" talk, too many things can happen to derail a team. Best to not count your hawks before they're hatched.
  9. IveofIone

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    Amen, Chris. Having watched pro football since the dawn of the TV Age-pronounced 'thirteen inch black and white-I have just about seen it all. Dwight Clark's catch, Franco Harris's Immaculate Reception, Namath upsetting the Colts, Bart Starr's heroics and Roger Staubach's magic right up to the screwing the refs gave the Seahawks in their Super Bowl appearence.

    One constant remains through it all and that is the entire season can hinge on one bonehead play or one brilliant effort. Neither of those things can be predicted no matter who's on the roster. That's why we watch, you just never know.......

  10. Old Man

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    Do you know what really sucks, is being around to watch the first Super Bowl.
  11. Kaiserman

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    The question is.... did you actually watch it? If you did, that doesn't suck Old Man, that's a story to tell!
  12. Chris Johnson

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    So true Ive, so true. Also the pre-season super bowl favorite rarely win.
  13. IveofIone

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    Doesn't suck at all Jim, I remember it well. I watched the game with my BIL and we knocked down some brews, had chips and dip then burned some steaks in the 2nd half when Green Bay blew the game open. We were ahead of our time!

    Also, it was 1967, I was just back from climbing the volcanoes in Mexico, climbed McKinley that year and got married when I returned home. A helluva year.

  14. Old Man

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    I must be old. I remember watching the game. But trying to remember what went on in 1967 is just to damn fuzzy.

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