NFR Hawks...look out

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  1. 1 more TD pass for Wilson, and he ties Manning's rookie record. Too bad they can't play at home for the playoffs throughout.
  2. Oh and by the way, my son watched the value of his rookie card go up by almost $50 after each TD pass tonight.
  3. That was simply a drumming they just laid on the boys from SF! They are firing on all cylinders for sure.
  4. It kind of reminds you a bit of when the Giants won their two Super Bowls in the last few years. They started firing on all cylinders in December too, had to play every game on the road, and ended up wining the whole thing...twice no less. I'm not a Hawks fan really, but you have to give credit where it's due.

    Unfortunately they may end up losing one of their DB's for the whole playoffs, due to his suspension. That would really hurt. He was the one that made that last pick of the game.
  5. Unfortunately I don't usually have much positive to say about the Hawks, but that seems to be changing in a big way. The last two games could have been anomolies, but the thrashing of the Niners indicates that the Sea Hawks are a force to be reckoned with now.

  6. Pretty good defense also. They have given up the least points in all their games.
  7. Gotta hand it to them, they are definitely playing well and seem to be hitting their stride. That was a thumping they put on my 49ers last night. RE-MATCH!
    Wilson is playing like a seasoned veteran, not a rookie. He looks very comfortable. Unlike Kaepernick...
  8. Personally, I think Wilson is an android. Which if you think about it, it's the one position on the team that you don't want that anyway (in general) to show a lot of emotion.

    I saw a couple of interviews from the receivers 3 weeks ago. They said Wilson will get on the plane home from an away game, and start watching film of their next opponent. Before they are landing in Seattle, he's sending them (and coaches) txts on their phones about what patterns/schemes that will work for the next game. <- Which I found odd, since you are not allowed to use your phone I thought on airplanes.

    But like Sg kind of alluded to.... I just hope they don't "Coug it" in the playoffs. ;)
  9. That's pretty funny given that the Dawgies Dawged it their last 2 games.
  10. Yeah, given the opportunities They had they tanked it alright.
  11. Then the poor kid missed another one in the bowl game last week vs Boise St, that would have won it for them.

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