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  1. My original plans were to start geting serious about chasing smallies around the end of the month. With the weather report calling for temps in the eighties, I just have to get out and see what I can find. I chose Sunday for a couple of reasons.

    1) The wind is expected to be about half of what is forecast for Saturday.
    2) Giving the water an extra day to warm up can only be a plus.

    With reason number two in mind, I do not see any reason to arrive at the lake early. I am planning on heading out sometime around noon. Hopefully this will give the areas I plan to fish time to warm up. I am not expecting a fifty fish day, but a dozen or so would be nice. My first two outings totaled three fish. I am expecting better numbers this Sunday.

    I will update this post after I return from my fishing trip. Hope you all get a chance to wet a line and stick some smallies.

  2. With the weatherman calling for 13mph winds with gusts over 20mph at my primary destination, I decided to drive a little further east and fish an area expecting 6mph winds. I arrived at a fairly calm lake around 11AM. When I walked down to the lake carrying my pontoon, I was greeted by a small bass cruising the shallows. It crossed my mind that this might be a good omen. The water temperature was a little cooler than I had expected. My thermometer read 58 degrees. By the end of the day it would read 62 degrees. I decided to start off with a white/chartreuse Clouser. While slowly fishing a rocky area, I small bass came up to check me out. He turned in the direction of my fly. Shortly afterwards, FISH ON! This fish put up a good fight and threw the hook when it jumped out of the water. Since I had only made about 5 casts prior to this, I was feeling pretty good about what the day would have in store for me. I had landed a couple of 11" smallies when I decided to change flies.

    I put on a Polar Fibre Baitfish to see what would happen. My first cast hooked me up with a 11" bass that jumped and thew the hook. I ended up losing 3 or 4 fish when they jumped. I always salute the fish when they jumped. but that trick failed me more than usual yesterday. As a side note, almost every bass hooked eventually came out of the water with a jump or two. The wind started picking up out of the east. I was not getting much action, so I decided to try different retrieves. What got the fish going was a fast retrieve with a type 6 sinking line. I landed 10 bass in a 45 minute period. They were all 11" males. Right before the wind picked up, I had cast my minnow and was watching it work in the water. The water was very clear and I did not see any fish near my fly. All of the sudden a very large smallie attacked my fly. Unfortunately for me, I pulled that fly right out of her mouth. I broke one of my cardinal rules. Wait for the tug before setting the hook. That was the only decent sized fish I saw all day. Doom on me.

    I was surprised to see a lot of bluegills in the cover. I usually do not see them there until mid to lake June. I changed gears and attached a bead head Prince Nymph. I caught a few small gills as well as a couple of perch. I regretted not bringing my 2wt with me.

    I ended up putting in about 6 hours of fishing yesterday. My largest bass was 12". All in all it was a good trip. There was one odd ball thing I noticed. When most of the bass hit when I was ripping the fly back to me, I barely noticed the strike. My theory is that those bass were coming straight at me when they hit the fly. I am certain I missed a large number of strikes because of this.

    Due to my schedule, I will not be fishing in Washington again until early June. I will be going back home to Boise to visit my family and a certain lake that has a lot of 9" - 11" bluegills. I will not forget my 2wt on that trip. I will try to post a report on that trip if and when it happens. The "honey do" list is going to be a long one. Keep the reports coming.


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