heading to dry falls sunday

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by icmorefish, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. icmorefish

    icmorefish New Member

    has any one heard if the fishing has picked up there yet. :cool:
  2. Big Tuna

    Big Tuna Member

    Most of the reports that I've heard have indicated it's slow. However, I've heard of two different guys fishing 20-25' deep w/ chironomids who have done very well. There was a guy who posted on a chironomid technique thread recently who described a pretty cool system for fishing that deep using a full sink line. It's worth a look IF you have a full sink line.
  3. troutfanatic

    troutfanatic A day not spent wasted is.....wasted.

    I have heard that it is pretty slow over there, but at least it doesn't seem to get as much pressure as the last couple of years (so I have heard). You could probably have a lot of water for yourself.
  4. Backyard

    Backyard SANCHO!

    It's not slow... they just don't know how to fish it.
  5. icmorefish

    icmorefish New Member

    i was supposed to go on the opener but got called into work. i did get a report from my friends that those guys who were 20- 30 feet were doing quite well.
    just curious if they were starting to migrate twoard the shorlines yet ?. :)
  6. Big Tuna

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    Are you willing to share any secrets on how to fish Dry Falls? I've done real well there at times with chironomids, but have had little luck with anything else. I used to have pretty good luck on a midge emerger pattern on the surface as well, but the last couple of years it hasn't produced. I understand if you don't want to share; I'm just always "fishing" for new ways to get better at this sport.