Heading to pass lake for turkey day

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Joe Dirt, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Member

    Going to pass for my first time on turkey day. Anyone have any ideas for this time of year?
  2. flytyerboy95

    flytyerboy95 Future fly fishing guide

    check out the thread i posted on pass lake flys
  3. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Member

    Thanks i saw that and just was not sure if it was meant for November:beer2: or another time of the year.
  4. Zane Wyll

    Zane Wyll Member

    swing by dirt I will be in the wood drift boat.

  5. fatguide

    fatguide fish or DIE

    Does Pass Lake still hold huge trout?

    When my father-in-law passed away we found a picture in his wallet of him holding a trout. On the bottom of the picture he had written Pass Lake- 7 pound trout. The picture was from the late 50's-earily 60's and really dog eared. My oldest son Bret stole the picture, retouched it and blew it up to 8x10. On the following X-mas he gave me the framed picture.
    It now hangs on my wall under three of his grampa's favorite bamboo fly rods.

    When you guys fish the lake this weekend, tell the largest fish you release hello from Bruce Cox----He knew your grandpa. Thanx


    fish or DIE
  6. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Member

    Ill look you up, that would be great. And if i have any luck ill let you know!!!:thumb:
  7. Dick Warnke

    Dick Warnke was Pram-Man

    Fatguide, Cool story...I'm thinking of hitting pass on Friday had to cancel out on the Ford. If I get that big one I'll pass along your salutations!! :thumb:
  8. fatguide

    fatguide fish or DIE

    I was actually wrong when I said at the bottom of the picture it said 7 pound trout, it says,"8lb 4oz.
  9. Thats a nice fish i caught 2 23 inchers 1 20 and 1 27 there a while back i have no idea how much a fish like that would weight though.