Heck of a day on the Yakima!

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Kirk Estlick, Jun 21, 2012.

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  2. Sounds like a great trip! And you picked a great day - the Yakima was blown out before and after the weekend.
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  3. Very cool! Congrats on the Pike as well! Never had the chance to fish ULM when I was there, I wish I did.
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  4. Thanks guys. It has been a great couple months for me. And only looking to add more fish notches to my belt in the coming month and a half!
  5. Awesome... and love that Brown Trout sun mask...just may have to get me one of those :cool:
  6. You live or die by the UV buffs down here in AZ.
  7. I hear ya. Do you ever fish the Colorado around Yuma? We have friends who winter there and I've been reading up about some pretty good bass fishing...all he want's to do is play golf when we visit. I've been down to the Boeing Mesa facility a couple of times but never think about bringing a fly rod.
  8. Never fished the Colorado down there...that is a heck of a drive for bass! It is on my list of places to go (more so Havasu for Smallies)! But when you come down to Phoenix next, I can take you out for a day and show you some killer fishing in the desert!
  9. Sounds good, thank you for the offer!
  10. Nice pics on your weblink, and a great story. My dad was just up for a visit, and will soon turn 78 years old. Only fished with dad once, and that was on a slough in Fairbanks Alaska on a river I don't even remember the name of. Dad caught a real nice grayling using a small mepps spinner. Never have had the chance to flyfish with him. Might see about getting him to give it a try if he visits again in summer.

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