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  1. Hello all-

    I am a long time fly fisher but completely new to the area. I'll call north Tacoma home and I am looking forward to learning from all here. My house is close to the Tacoma Narrows and Point Defiance so I hope to get in some good shore fishing. While I have some great lakes steelhead experience I am really looking forward to what I would consider "real steelheading". My gear is currently all single handed rods but I am excited to learn how to spey cast, so if you see some clown beating the water to a froth you will know it's me....

  2. Welcome.
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  3. sup dog you will thoroughly enjoy wrapping your two hands around a nice stiff rod, there is plenty of dudes on this site who can show you what two fisting is all about
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  4. And he means it... dont try to read into it.... Turd is a straight shooter.
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  5. Awesome responses- I have apparently found a fun group of people.
  6. Welcome aboard Russel. This will be a perfect weekend to get some experience with "real" PNW steelheading with a touch of GL flavor. That is, it's cold enough to freeze a witch's t . . .. . .. . .. . . ooth, and you can beat the water to a froth and take home a commonplace PNW steelheading skunking! Check out Daniel Ocean's rookie's log to see how long a newb can chase steelhead without result.

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  7. Welcome to WFF. Don't forget to check out the Saltwater forum, as there is lots of good info to be found there.
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  8. turds is truly a sword master...
  9. You've got some excellent saltwater options nearby.
    Welcome aboard.
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  10. Welcome. If you'like to meet more fly fishers, the monthly meeting of Puget Sound Fly Fishers is next Thursday, 6:00 at the Tower Lanes on 6th Avenue, not far from where you live. You are welcome to join us as a guest.
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  11. hi
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  12. Yeah, I hate the cold- its 3 degrees right now...I have caught some nice GL steelhead but it took many hours over many trips, a good day was a hookup and maybe one landed fish, My first fish didn't come for quite a while. I'm far far from calling myself a vet steelheader but I do have very real expectations.
  13. Thanks Steve! I will miss this coming meeting but plan on attending the next. My family and I are still in southern Missouri and will not start headed to the PNW until Friday.
  14. Welcome!

    I think you will find this site is populated with some amazing anglers, casters and tiers that are great assets that are more than willing to share to help the rest of us as we move along the road of development that we call "fly fishing" in this area of some pretty diverse fishing opportunities.

    The search function and articles and references forum should help you to begin unlocking the vast amounts of information that has been shared on this site and more than provide a "sampling" of fishing opportunities this area can produce.

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  15. Thanks Curt!

    All the opportunities almost seem overwhelming, I am not sure where to start. My background is the tailwater fisheries of northern Arkansas as well as trips west to Colorado and New Mexico. I've done some SW fishing but it has all been in south FL for reds, specks, jacks and tarpon. I eBayed off several of my short light rods, I figured I would have little use for a 7' 3wt in WA and I need to make room for a spey rod or three. Right now I am armed with single handers from 3wt through 9wt.
  16. Define "fun". :D

    This site is a wealth of flyfishing information. It's worth your while to check out all the forums. If you tie flies, make sure you keep an eye on the flytying forum.

    Also, if you know anything about wolves, mountain lions and snow, you've found a good home:cool:

    Oh, and howdy.
  17. Fun: general asshattery between people who stand in cold water waving sticks over their heads.

    I used to tie a great deal when I worked in a fly shop. I still tie some but damn, pressing the "add to cart" at Discount Flies is easy..

    Snow: Spent 8 winters over the course of 3 years living in Iowa- this box is checked, sooooo checked.

    Wolves and Mountain Lions: Where I am coming from the biggest threat is the shotgun toting toothless Jethros, when the banjo music is audible it's too late. So, as far as lions, tigers and bears go, I'm pretty much bait.
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  18. Gene, you left out yarnies and bobbers.;)
  19. :)
    I'd say you're going to fit in well.
  20. Oh, right, I forgot. How could I forget?:D

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