Helmet cams for fishing (go pro)

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  1. Hey, newbie here!

    Ive been doing alot a video watching on youtube and vimeo of folks fishing on lakes and rivers alike. Some of the more advanced videos often has underwater scenes which certainly add a cool factor. I'm a broke college student, but would like to attempt to make a video similar to these im watching. My question is, have any of you folks ever filmed with a "helmet cam"??

    The camera I use for ATV riding is a Go Pro Hero HD wide angle. It shoots in 1080p, and has 2 hours of battery life. The camera is 100% waterproof, not to mention INCREDIBLY small. It also takes still pictures and sequence pictures. Have any of you shot and fishing footage with one?? If not... give me a few weeks and I'll be the test dummy!

  2. I have one as well, but always seem to forget the memory card or battery when fishing with it.
  3. I love the idea, very cool perspective... see a fishing video...

  4. That does look awesome! The underwater capabilities are great too! I guess i know what ill be shooting video on the river with from now on!
  5. I was thinking about buying a gopro but ended up going for a flip Ultra HD and an underwater housing instead. A bit big to mount on a hat.
  6. We use a Go Pro now for our fishing show - However, the underwater performance has not been good... Because of the distance between the lens and the underwater case, it won't keep focus on tighter shots. Using it just above the water for release shots has been great however. It does have a nice PQ and the price is certainly right.
  7. Check out skydiving supply websites for sweet head mounting equip.
  8. My Go Pro HD is for sale PM if interested.
  9. I've used a contour hd for pov skiing shots and some stuff in the river.. works awesome and is fairly easy to strap up to my noggin
  10. I have go pro and flip Hd both are very nive but I will take my go pro everywhere I go fishing. I love the size quality, and all the straps and mounts. Chest, head, helment, and sticky mounts are on the boats. I have been shooting fishing videos for the last two months and can't wait to do more. Buy one you will love it.
  11. The quality is amazingly good...regard to the small size it has... really cool video!

  12. For compare the quality from different cameras...
    Canon G9 with housing. Edited by Mac iMovie

    Nikon D5000 camera, neck-striped in front of my chest...
    Edited by Mac iMovie. HD upload.
  13. Mark...NICE!
  14. Thanks Ed,

    I still tend to get a Go Pro though... the camera is too bulky to fish comfortably in from the chest...
  15. I have a cheap helmet cam for snowboarding. Might try it out for fishing...if I could get time on the water and fish that cooperate!
  16. A couple of questions:

    1. Does anyone know of any retail stores in the Puget Sound area that carry Go Pro cameras?
    2. What model Go Pro camera would be recommended for fly fishing videos and mounted over a baseball type cap?
    3. Any other cameras similar to the Go Pro models?


  17. The two most popular helmet cams are the Go Pro HD and the Contour VR

    REI sells the Go Pro, but I'm not sure if they carry them in store.

    For a baseball cap, you'd want the Helmet Cam and used the adjustable strap mount.
  18. Glazers in Seattle has them all, same prices and they have every add on you could want.

  19. I've been researching these for awhile and intrigued by the Drift HD 170. It is waterproof without a case (only for a couple feet though) and has a viewing LCD screen and wristband remote. I'm hoping the remote is waterproof as it'd undoubtedly get dunked releasing fish. I think the LCD screen would be nice to view and edit on site rather than waiting until you're home on your computer to see what you've captured. It also has a function for low light, which would be nice for streamer fishing at dusk. Looks just a tad larger than the Countour.

    Anyone have experience with Drift as compared to the Countour or GoPro?

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