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  1. Hello all, I'm likely going to be in the Seattle area towards the end of May or early June and I'd love to do some fly fishing while I'm in the area. I'll admit that growing up on mountain streams in WV, I most enjoy fishing small, headwater creeks for stream-resident trout. What is the fishing like in the Seattle area (and northern Oregon) around this time of year? Productive or still warming up? Also, any suggestions on can't miss streams and flies would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions. Hopefully this trip comes to fruition and I'm able to add another native trout to my list. Or if nothing else...have a nice hike in a beautiful part of the world.

    Best wishes!
  2. Unfortunately if you are dead set on river/stream fishing, you will be here during prime runoff time. All of the snow melt will be making the rivers high, cold, and difficult to fish. You might try the Yakima river, about an hour and a half east of Seattle if you want a chance at some fish. It is dam controlled, however this time of year the releases are dependent upon how full the source lakes are, so it's kind of wait and see at this point. Also depending on the weather, clarity can be bad in the mid to lower stretches due to various unregulated tributaries that make the water high and murky. Rough time of year to fish rivers around here. Lakes are a good option if you enjoy that setting. Also you could try your luck in Puget Sound fishing for some sea run cutthroat.

    There are definitely options, but as someone who fishes almost exclusively in rivers, this time of year gives me serious withdrawals.
  3. I lived in SC many years ago and fished the southern Appalachians nearly year-round. Can't do that here. Small alpine creek season is roughly early July through September. The last few summers it was even shorter than that. You'll need to develop a different rhythm here to fish year round. Here's a sample of what I do, mostly for trout:

    Spring: Lakes from my float tube, a few Yakima river outings in March-April before runoff. I have a boat, so hitting the Yakima is easier for me.

    Summer: High alpine streams almost exclusively. Any stream above 500' altitude has fish in it that will hit nearly any small dry fly.

    Fall: Prime time for the Yakima after irrigation flows turn the flow down to 1,000 cfs or less (at Ellensburg). Back to some lakes too. Maybe fish for chum salmon on the Skykomish, or pink salmon in odd years (this year).

    Winter: Mostly go skiing, but also fish a few lakes, hit Rocky Ford on a reasonably nice weather day, maybe try to catch steelhead once or twice.

    I highly recommend you buy a DeLorme Atlas and one of these books to get yourself started exploring: fishing washin,aps,197
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. I suspected that I'd be getting into a lot of snowmelt which I was why I wanted to check with people who know the area. Also, thanks for the book recommendations! Sounds like August would be the best time for the type of fishing that I'm looking for.

    Thanks again!

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