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  1. Last Friday night, my Ford Explorer was broken it to while sitting in my parents driveway in Yakima :(:(:(:(:(:(:beathead::beathead::beathead:. I suspect the culprit is a tweeker or crackhead that was out looking for valuable stuff in cars that can be turned into cash easily. What was taken is a William Joseph Emerger fanny pack with at least 5 flyboxes full of flies (1 C&F waterproof large box, 2 C&F small boxes with interchangeable inserts, 2 green cabelas cheapo boxes), a pair of Abel #2 pliers and sheath, all the tippet material, 3 sets of hemostats, stream thermomitter, etc. On the left side of the fanny pack I had mounted a black piece of 1.25" PVC that is used as a rod holder. My ASUS R300 GPS, a pair of Solar Shield sunglasses, and at least a half a dozen cd's were also taken. Luckily, they didn't take the 6 rods and reels I had in the car.

    Anyway, I figure they will try to sell this stuff, so if anyone happens to run across any of this stuff, I would appreciate a email.....I would love to catch this SOB.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have noticed that they only take what isn't to big. When I was broken into they also left the rods.

  3. I hate to say it, but these days if you leave anything valuable in your car, your just asking for it. Nobody is immune to having gear and other belongings stolen from their vehicle. I'm still amazed at the number of people who leave thousands of dollars worth of gear just sitting in their car. Sorry for the loss, that sucks, but there is a lesson to learn from this.

    I don't leave anything in my car unless I'm in it. The only things I bring along is what I can carry with me. This includes cell phone, wallet, stereo faceplate, and fishing gear when I'm on the water. I even leave my empty rod tubes outside the vehicle in case somebody tries to smash my window thinking there is a rod attached with the tube inside. I've had a couple tubes stolen, but it's still much cheaper than replacing a window.
  4. I'm pretty sure he already realizes this. no need to rub it in.
  5. Really sorry to hear this. I got hit the other day on my way over to Big twin. Decided to leave my toon set up and ready to go in the back of my truck for the trip over...5 minute stop at wallyworld in marysville at 5:45 am and come out to find my new scotty rod holder had been taken off the toon. Its gotten now so I make sure anything I leave in the truck when at a launch I make sure to prop open so folks will see its empty( reel bags rod tubes ect. sad state of affairs. We all just gotta try and keep an eye on everyone elses rigs now and hope the attention will keep off the damn theives.
  6. Personally I'm more concerned about this "thief pandemic" than I am about the H1 N1 pig flu pandemic....bastardly bastards!! May have to start pulling "Guard duty" again....for our fishing friends....rotating shifts perhaps....infra-red AND daylight videos - you know, like the ones the "game farms" use to monitor game trails 24/7 so their clients are assured of a certain trophy kill?

    Of course there's always the infallible 338 Lapua, the 12 gauge and .45 ACP when all else fails.....not that I would ever advocate violence against the poor, deprived and abused cast-off dregs of society who shun work and responsibility and resort to thievery to support their addictions or anything like that.....not a chance. Wouldn't be fair.

    Sorry for your losses folks. I probably miss out on a lot of good fishing because I refuse to park my rig where I can't see it while I'm fishing....unless of course I'm fighting a 12 or 15 pound salmon or steelhead and up to my ass in cold water with numb feet & legs....then, who cares?

  7. take a walk around the area. many times they will quickly rifle through the stuff and ditch it nearby as most of them have no use in fly boxes or packs. my brother got a bunch of his stuff back by taking a little walk.
    sorry for your misfortune.
  8. My advice would be a dog in the car. I used to take my dog out with me he stays and guards the car. Never had any problems with breakins(and I fish the Cedar AT LEAST 3 times a week)....they look for another target when they see a 100 pound American Bulldog staring at them.
  9. Now there's a great idea....'cept I don't have a dog anymore! Somebody got one I can borrow?:D

  10. Leaving your dog in he car during the summer months is NOT a good idea.
  11. Here is a beter idea. Leave the wife in the car. Then if your lucky they may just take her and leave the rest of your gear. :rofl:
  12. ...unless you leave the engine running and the air conditioner on....:hmmm::D
  13. I learned this lesson a few years ago when my Jeep was stolen (yes the whole thing) from my driveway. Not only was I feeling totally violated and lost the first new automobile I ever bought but some of the personal effects inside were irreplaceable...

    Never leave anything in your car you cant replace.

    Sorry about your loss fis_her22, I comb craigslist every couple days, I will keep an eye out.

  14. I agree. Check bushes and garbage cans near by as the thief's surely figured out that the pack contained nothing (maybe the sunglasses) Worth selling. My stuff was taken and a neighbor who was trimming their bushes found my fly boxes. No Fanny pack, not tippet etc... But who cares if you get the other stuff back, it's the fly boxes I wanted back and I got them. So, check near by!
  15. On a more practical note:
    Check local pawn shops in Yamima or Craigslist.
    Vehicle has been broken into 3 times in "Crakivegas"
    Found some of my gear in in local pawnshop and tracked it back to the "tweeker" who broke into my vehicle. He dd some time in the Yakiveagas Detention Center
  16. I leave all four windows down some and he has water. The air temp in the car is fine. I make sure to not park out in direct sun also

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