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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by JRSly, Sep 13, 2002.

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    Well, I am looking for some advice. I am going to build I fly pole for my senior project in high school, and I am planning on building a nice steelhead pole to get something useful out of it. I have decided on building a 9' 8wt, but I would like some help on choosing a blank to use. I don't want to spend to much, but I want a nice pole. I am thinking of the, G. Loomis 9' 8wt GL3, St. Croix 9' 8wt SCIV, or the Scott 9' 8wt SAS. Help on this subject would be great, and if you know of a good blank in this price range I would love to hear about it. I was looking at Sage, but most of them are too much for me. Any advice on building it, reel seats, or guides would be great to, thanks.

    This is a different subject than above, but I am making a trip to Sno tomorrow, help of fly patterns to try would be great. Thanks again.

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    My favorite bug stick that I use is a rod my father made for me out of St. Croix blanks. Fishes great. Very Smooth. A buddy of mine has a Loomis. Nice rod, but big $$$.

    My real reason for the response is regarding the Snoqualmie. I'm assuming your hitting one of the three forks. If so, Elk Hair Caddis are fishing great right now, #16. Also on the top of my list are Yellow Stimulators, and Parachute Adams. If you go under the surface stick to a GR Hares Ear or Pheasant Tail. Whatever you use I'm sure you'll get fish. Right now those gready young cutts are grabbing at anything that gets in front of them. Go easy on the little ones.

    Good Luck,

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    I've been building rods for quite some time now, and to tell you the truth you can't go wrong with St. Croix. You mentioned Sage and Loomis as choices, but as I'm sure you know there are downfalls with in using these blanks. First Sage is overpriced due to the amount they spend on advertising, I know becuase I own a few. Don't get me wrong, they are wonderfull rods and definately some of the best performing rods on the market, but the main selling point of these rods is the fact that they carry a "Unconditional Lifetime Warranty",. If you take good care of your gear (like you should) why pay for a unconditional warranty? Loomis on the otherhand is now owned by Shimmano, and if you had ever delt with Loomis on warranty work and were not pleased, you will fume at the "new" corporations track record. People who have owned Loomis rods for years are sending their old, quality (GLX&IMX) rods in for R&R work and getting lower level rods (GL3&GL2) as replacements with an option of paying more to get a equal or higher level rod. This coupled with a higher failure rate since the takeover, makes Loomis a hard sell these days. I'm building a St. Croix SCIII 9'6" 8wt. for one of the board members and I'll tell you what, For what I paid for my 9'6" 8wt. Sage I could have bought a few of these rods. This rod is pure quality and I'm sure it will cast like a rocket, I can't wait to get a line on it. I have been more impressed with St. Croix than any other company I have ever bought blanks from. They offer a Limited warranty, but they will R&R almost anything at their cost (you pay shipping), and for the money they always get my vote. Bottom line is if you have not built a rod before do not put a bunch of money into the blank and componants on your first few, wait untill you have refined your skills then build the rod you have always wanted. Good luck and have fun! :THUMBSUP
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    Well, thanks every buddy. I was leaning towards getting the St. Croix because it is a better price. But I just wanted to see how the Loomis and Scott compared, because they (GL3 Loomis, and SAS Scott) were not to much more in price. Thanks again, you guys have helped a lot.