WTB HELP!!! I broke my soon to be ex-friends

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Nedak, Oct 31, 2013.

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  1. Sage SPL 363-3 that I was borrowing. He loves this rod and told me to be careful.

    Sage can't repair because there are no sections left that I broke.

    Anyone have one laying around that could be put to good use???

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  2. I applaud the effort, and appreciate you being a responsible friend.
    However, I tried this trick one time when my daughters fish died....she could tell.
    I think you may be in trouble sir. :p
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  4. pack up and move across country
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  5. I did a quick Google search and didn't even see one for sale anywhere... you're F'd. Tell him now and let him pick out the replacement. A reminder to never lend out rods that aren't in production anymore, I've got a SP+ 490 I don't even let other people cast, and barely fish myself.

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  6. Should not loan a rod that you are going to get piss at if something happens because when you are least expecting it SHIT HAPPENS!
  7. I don't understand what you mean by "Sage can't repair because there are no sections left that I broke." I have an SP that Sage fixed last year. Are you saying you lost the broken parts or you no longer have them or ...?

    It sounds like it's going to be for you an unfortunate but expensive lesson about borrowing, If Sage can't help you. (Been there, done that). That means you'll have to figure out what market is and pay for the rod, or get him to agree to wait X amount of months for you to be locate and purchase a replacement, or have to buy him a current/like model replacement. That's not a very common rod.

    It sounds likely like you're a up a creek without a paddle. Does your friend own firearms? Maybe you should borrow them so he doesn't have them available when you tell him the rod is broken and doesn't appear repairable... :)

    Not an enviable position, at all.
  8. Couldn't find one for sale but I found some of this stuff that you'll surely be needing

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  9. Kicking a guy when he is down is too helpful. Just wondering if anyone has a slt or spl 6'3" sage not getting used. I know I am f'ed but hoping someone might remember an ultralight purchase not being used.
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    It's a long way from what you need, but there's a 373-3 on the list.
  11. Sage will rebuild a complete rod for you. It will include an upgrade fee of a couple hundred bucks, but they will build the next series they have all components for. This may help you get a new rod...again, a newer generation. For instance, I went through this with a graphite II LL series rod I owned and they no longer made the graphite II so they built me a new rod in graphite III. The rod they built for me was out of production, but they had the components. My upgrade fee was $185. Call Sage and look for all options. Good luck...
  12. There's an spl282 on the bay currently at $280. Not a 363...but still an spl.
  13. Get him a Scott Fibertouch 6'6" 3wt. It's an awesome stick for short water.
  14. Probably at least worth a post over here if you haven't done so already. Good luck. http://ultralightflyfishing.com
  15. anti team's suggestion is excellent! It's a modern fiberglass rod that is listed as a 3wt, but Kabuto rods are fast for glass, so could also take a 4wt line. Because it's a fast glass rod, it will feel close in action to the slower graphite of an SPL (or LL). Sagebass (Colt) is a good guy too; I know him from the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum and many have used his rods. He does good work. And $350 is a good price considering a Kabuto from the Japanese maker himself is around $600.
  16. I don't know the Kabuto but I have two glass rods built by Colt. No hesitation there. Could very well be a rod equally coveted by your friend. I know Kabuto's are highly regarded in glass circles.
  17. Colt does good work. I am curious if you spoke to your friend. Honesty is usually best policy and the rods being suggested are imo better.
  18. Ya, just talk to him. Tell you you'll buy him whatever he wants for a replacement. (Within reason of course). You may be pleasantly surprised... Maybe the thought of getting to pick out a cool rod that he'd never buy for himself would be something he'd very much enjoy.
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