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  1. Over on another thread we were discussing dryer lint for dubbing. I started the thread as a tongue in cheek comment. One of the posters mentioned the Tups Particular fly. I have never heard of the
    Tups Particular fly. I have heard of the Tups Indispensable fly.

    So I ask, is there such a fly as Tups Particular, or did I just misunderstand.

    If it does exist, could someone please describe it?

  2. No, I think it was just me trying to recall an obscure name off the top of my head without confirming via google.
  3. Sorry , brain cramp .

  4. Ah ha. I hope your memory is better than mine, Rob. Haha.

    IIRC I read somewhere that the urine stained fur of the fox was used
    in the Indispensable. Odd choice of material, but I suppose that some
    would not find it at all unusual. Wonder if we could convince Davy McPhail to do a vidio on the Tups?
  5. When you mentioned Tups Particular , I KNEW I had heard of a pattern named the Particular . I had a brain fart and thought it was the Tups . Turns out it was the Lunn`s Particular I was thinking about . Don`t know if there is a Tups Particular .
  6. The Tups Indispensable us dubbed with urine stained wool from a Ram's scrotum. Hence the name.
  7. Ah ha. So I am learning. The Fox apparently has nothing to do with it.
    The Ram is a major contribution however.


    It would seem that a lot of substitution, for good reason, has come into the pattern.

    Thanks for the update.

  8. Oh for crying out loud!!! First it's female fox urine on her belly and now it's male goat pee on its balls!! Evidently there was a really weird fly tyer of old sneaking around checking wild animals for pee stains. Pee stains on fur!!! Strange obsession.
  9. Maybe things get slow in the high country of Scotland, Gene.
  10. What I'd like to know is how the ram was restrained when the harvesting was done. Some of the ones I've seen have been a bit cantankerous when humans are nearby.

  11. Werry carefully.
  12. There is a Tups Indispensable and a Lunn's Particular.

    There may, of course, also have been an undisclosed liaison....

    Hans W
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  13. ha hah hahhahahhah That's for sure...:D
  14. Here is an actual specimen of urine-stained ram's "fur" taken from an unmentionable area of the ram. It was given to me by a mentor in 1965. A Tup's Indispensable was one of the first flies I tied.
    Jack DSC01209.jpeg
  15. Well, to show how profound my ignorance is, I had to look up Mr. Lunn's Particular fly, since I am not familiar with it.

    I found this tidbit of great interest.

    Some of these old stories make for very good reading.

    That is some interesting material, Jack.
    However, i can see Charlie making a substitute for it in my Tup's
  16. Just to be more explicit... Tup is an old British term for ram. So a ram's 'indispensable'... Well you get the picture.

    I really like the pattern and use a blend of cream and yellow seal with a few pink strands blended in. It's probably a little more coarse than the original but it works and I get a kick out of fishing it knowing the origins. LOL
  17. Huh, I do not use dubbing wax and just prefer to lick my fingers then wet the thread and material. I may change my strategy when using this stuff.
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  18. Think I'll stick to the synthetic Rams Urine Stained Balls Fur.... or imitation RUSBRF. (dirty orange dubbing)
  19. Gives you a whole new perspective on dressing flies, don't it.

    Wonder if latex rubber gloves would work?
  20. The Tups Indispensable is not the only fly to use urine "burned" fur. The Hendrickson pattern calls for urine "burned" red fox fur.

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