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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Wayne Kohan, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. So my daughter is playing volleyball this weekend in Spokane. She starts at 2 or 3pm on Friday and Saturday. I have to work Friday am, so will be driving up in a different vehicle than my wife and daughter on Friday afternoon. I see that as an opportunity to fish on Saturday morning. I have not been out on a lake yet this year due to other commitments. Unfortunately we are staying out by the Valley Mall, instead of on the west side where we usually stay. I have been to Amber once, thinking of hitting that, but if you all have any better ideas, I would be glad to hear them.


  2. Amber's starting to fish ok, better as the weather responds. Medical is also an option as we picked up some nice healthy fish about 10 days ago. Those tend to be your best bets right now
  3. Also if you had your Idaho license, the NF of the CDA is fishing well from what I hear
  4. Medical is up around 41 degrees, fished it yesterday and did well. By the weekend it should be right around 43ish. Ive been fishing it a few days a week and it has been pretty damn good. Amber is also fishing solid.
  5. Wayne I can't tell you anything better than what Blake or Millsy have said. Best of luck, you should find some fish!

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  6. Wayne,
    Liberty is really close and can give up some decent browns and ugly rainbows this time of year.
    It's a general reg fishery so you will have a mix of fishermen. Check out WaLakes for some recent reports and ugly rainbow pics, must be brooders or something.(maybe Hanford fish):eek:
    If you decide on Medical let me know, I might try to make it out.
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  7. Damn you Wayne. My daughter is playing in Spokane also as we discussed, but she is playing in the mornings and I don't have room for my gear (well, just enough room for Rocky Ford gear on the way home). I have 6 passengers on the way there (one being the wife) and only the 3 of us heading home. On the way home I am veering north at Moses Lake and I hope they stay asleep.
    Good luck and safe travels

  8. If your interested in Medical and you can fit it in your schedule I've got several extra boat options; pram, pontoon, etc.
    Looks like some rain in the forecast but probably nothing for a 'Wet Sider".
    Throw in your fly boxes, waders and/or rain gear and good to go.
  9. I'm thinking Medical Lake, but is a float tube good for that? I have a new SFC that needs to be baptized. I'm from the driest side but not scared of rain, just need waders and wading jacket.

  10. SFC is perfect! Launches at both ends of the lake.

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  11. If you can fit it in or just bring gear, I have extra boats.
    Tube is fine if you prefer your own.
  12. I'll make one more check with the wife, to make sure plans have not changed without my knowledge, then I will PM you OK in a couple days. I will plan on the bringing the SFC, thanks for the boat offers though. I would take you up on them, but am really itching to try the new float tube.


  13. Sounds Good, the SFC will be fine.
  14. Just want to give a shout out to Old406Kid for a morning of fun on Medical Lake this morning. We had a great time today though the fish did not cooperate as well as they could have, and the wind was even less cooperative. Got the SFC out for its maiden voyage. In fact, it was first time out on a lake this year. Happy with the new purchase, it moved well even in the wind and through the whitecaps. Thanks again for the hospitality. Make sure to let me know if you ever come down my way.

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  15. Wind sucks! Glad you got out.

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