Help on Choosing an Inflatable Pontoon or Kayak

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Indian, Nov 7, 2010.

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    I'll have to try the "image" insert thing up there. The cat in my avatar's a 14 footer. You can haul solo expedition loads on a 12 ft cat if the tubes are big enough diam - at least 20". That used to be my favorite size when I was younger since that's about as big as you can go and still control the boat in slower water with fins if you want - but big enough to handle some pretty outrageous water with the oars. Now I'm just as happy rowing as casting or taking pictures and so 14' by 25" (NRS River Cat) tubes with an 8 ft frame is big enough for a passenger plus a decent amt of gear. Cataporn? I'm gettin light headed just thinking about it.
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    I would also say you can't go wrong with a scadden boat. I have the Skykomish Sunrise and it has been a great boat for the last 4 years. I use it often and it fits nicely fully inflated on top of the bed of my ford ranger. They are a little more pricey then other pontoons but you usually only have to buy one. Once you take it down a river with rapids you'll be happy you spent the extra money. You can get really good deals purchasing them at the sportsmans shows. Most of his boats also come with a internal bladder option that saves you quite a bit of money and they are still great!
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    You should check out the Outcast power drifter.
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    Dave was at one time, a designer for Outcast. He had one similar to that called the Escalde. I bought one because I thought it was a Great idea.
    I hated having to climb in and out specially with fins on, so, I sold it.
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    Very wise words !!!!!!!!!!!

    I do want to strike a balance between usability (and safety) and practicality. Portability is important but not if I can't use it.