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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by santoroman, May 29, 2005.

  1. santoroman

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    I wanted to know if there is a good starter vise for tying flies. I'll be leaving for a few years and the area has not a sigle decent fly shop. If I dont start tying, I'll have to order online from creekside. Which isnt a bad thing since I'll be getting all my other needs there, ie leaders, cool books, Max the dog to give me a hug and kiss, you know that kinda stuff.

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    I have been looking for vises too. The one I found is called the Dan vise. Its has some plastic in it but its full rotarty. It only costs $70 bucks though. For that price you can get the vise, all the tools you need and some basic materials.

    I found a bunch online like at cabelas and such. You might be able to find one at outdoor emporium I guess they have a huge selection. If you want something one level up, I would go with the peak rotary. You can get two sets of jaws. One for larger flies and one for tiny hooks like midges. It even has one of those things to rest your thread on so its out of the way. I have seen them at all about the fly in Monroe for about $129.

    Have fun
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    I think getting a good vise is important, I got a regal traveler and I think I'll be able to keep it for the rest of my life and it only set me back $135 (that was like six months of savings when I was 12) I highly recomend doing the same
  4. David Prutsman

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    It depends on how much you want to spend. For the value, you can't beat the Renzetti Traveler. They now run about $175 for the Cam Series with the regular model being around $160, price has gone up since I bought mine, however it would still be worth it. It will handle hook sizes 28 through 4/0, you also can choose between a C-clamp or a pedastel. Renzetti has a whole slough of accessories as well, the only addition I've made to mine is a materieals clip. I have never experienced any problems nor have I heard of anyone else having issues with this vise. If you're not sure you will like tying, I would go with a cheaper vise untill you are sure, then upgrade.
  5. I started on an old thomson and its a great vice for what it was. I upgraded to the Renzetti and I have put in a good six years of tying almost everyday and she has been great! If you can spring for the Traveler do it!
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    Santoroman check the classified
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    hey, thanks for the info. I've been looking and found that most dealers like Orvis want me to spend $300 and have been telling me that its the best because it Orvis.

  8. Old Man

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    Well I started out with a cheap vise,forgot what it was called(a griffen?) but I used it for many years and then upgraded to a rotary vise(a Peak). I'm always looking for the most inexpensive way to go. And this rotary seemed good for the price. It does everything that the expensive ones do. Price was $139.00 I think or $129.00. Not to sure as it was a christmas present from the wife. And I don't kick a good thing too much.