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  1. Perhaps you should apply as a counter 'scholar'. Certainly you qualify.
  2. Well there was that guy wrote for Toker's World or some other wacky magazine.
  3. Creating whole new industries...and jobs, jobs, jobs.
  4. Uuuuuuuuu, in case you missed it, marijuana is legal here in Washington. The growing of it will likely become a commercial venture using greenhouses. What this thread is about is the State of Washington looking for experts to help craft the rules of engagement, if you will, for the production and distribution of said weed. All of which should go a long way towards the elimination of illegal grows on public land.
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  5. I think the state should hire the Mexican cartels that have a proven record for procuring a profit & already have a marketing stratagy as well as a distrubution network in place. Why mess with success ?
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  6. Thanks for the laugh. Needed that after a long day at work

  7. legal here in the land of fruits and nuts too...sorry, I mean CA

    at least the home invasions and shootings have slowed down, but not the proliferation of illegal grows it does suck, wanted to show this as what can and does happen not against not for it, i could care less, until it crosses the line and it has

    Phillip Marris actually bought a huge old pear farm in Mendocino with the hopes of a major, well financed farm. It was not well liked in the area and the idea fizzled for the time being

    Think of that one coming into 7-11 for some late night hot dogs, a yoo hoo and a pack skunky's
  8. Thanks for the link to the flyover, jersey. Look at all those red dots!

    I read another article recently about the major degradation of watersheds going on in that area as a result of these farms. Many upper watersheds are having their water stolen by these farmers during the dry months of summer, when it is most needed to remain in the streams.

    If the farmers were doing things right, they'd have built water storage tanks so that they could draw the water during the wet months to use during the dry ones. But of course they are all too paranoid to do that.

    The run off from the fertilizer and pesticides is poisoning the creeks. Rat poison has killed off plenty of wildlife. I read that over 60 recent Fisher deaths by poisoning in the region can be attributed to illegal pot growers. This ain't no joke, folks. Clandestine farmers operating with no oversight is as bad a bummer for the ecosystem as any massive corporate industrial farm.

    This is a good reason for local users here in WA to "buy local."
  9. You work!? :eek:
  10. Jersey, I'm not aware of any initiative that made pot legal in CA. Turn the law enforcement head in Mendo county, yeah, but legal, not to my knowledge. It's also interesting to note that nowhere in any country in the world, including the Netherlands, is pot actually "legal". At least officially. Unless somebody can correct me on that (if you can, please do?)
  11. i lived in san diego for 5 years and in fact pot was legal with a card. Pay your 150 get your card and either proceed to the nearest dispensary or order it to your house
  12. It's legal for medical purposes and decriminalized (not legalized) in general for California. Their medical laws are a lot more liberal than Washingtons. The problem Norcal has is that those farms and the guerrilla grow culture existed well before the medical boom. Throw in continued federal raids and the old guard in Norcal sees no reason to try and go legitimate to deal with a significant increase in demand.

    Washington is an entirely different culture and with real legalization and regulation we'll face accountability for supply.

    Alaska has been fully legal to grow for personal purposes and to possess for decades--a state law upheld by federal judicial review. They don't have the problems the Californians have because there's no need for an underground culture.
  13. The business strategy is sound, but their weed is SH*T.

    At least that's what I've hear....
  14. The Mexican cartels are the worst offenders, ecologically. I would be 100% behind sending in the National Guard and doing a massive "operation green harvest" on any of the grows being done by these Cartels. Take no prisoners. Send the corpses back to Mexico in body bags.

    I can't believe that this ecological disaster is being allowed to go on unregulated. California has no soul. None.
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  15. Its still illegal to grow or traffic in weed here in WA.
    In yesterday's South Beach Bulletin, the local ragsheet, there was a front page article about a bust here in Grayland. The suspect, a Mr. Bisterfelt, age 58, was convicted of manufacturing weed. The Pacific County Sheriff's dept is now contemplating auctioning off Bisterfelt's house, three new go-carts, and a bright yellow 2013 Corvette with only 108 miles on the odometer. They seized his guns and the $42,000 he had stashed, too.
    He wangled a plea deal and got sentenced to 1 year on one count, and 2 years on another, with one year "community custody" with the Dept of Corrections.

    Growing weed did not work out too well for that guy! A search warrant was originally issued for investigation of "personal use" after a deputy observed what he thought was Bisterfelt in the act of toking up. That observation was made during the deputy's response to a noise complaint by a neighbor about noise from the go-carts. tch. tch. tch.
  16. The bust was back in November, before our new law fell into place in December. Growing is still illegal, yes, but a search warrant can no longer be provisioned just for witnessing someone toking up.

    Part of legalizing and regulating the new system will be to continue enforcement against the black market. The new "legal" market won't be able to compete with its higher prices against an underground. Legitimate growers will have strict rules to follow set by the liquor control board, and the number of licensed growers will be limited.
  17. It will be a very interesting transition period. I personally hope Ed Rosenthal or another of the long-standing defenders of cannabis use are given the position. Protect the consumer first, then build the market from there.

    I'll come out openly and say medical cannabis has helped transform my life. There has been no other medicine that has helped me to cope and heal in the ways that I have needed. I've been able to function at a level that I otherwise would not have been able to, for prolonged periods of time.

    That said, profiteering from cannabis use must be held to a minimum. If other areas of the country are going to buy in, our state needs to set an example for responsible distribution and containment. Too much regulation and taxation, however, can drive users to buying from the black market, and not contributing any tax money from the transactions.

    There is a lot of revenue to be generated from legal cannabis, and not just from recreational use. There are a litany of industrial uses for cannabis products as well, from paint strippers to rope, and even as a biofuel or lubricant. The seeds are loaded with nutritional goodness, and provide essential amino acids. It can be said that cannabis is a more beneficial plant than soy, especially considering the medical advantages. Our society stands to gain a lot, in my opinion, from a greater appreciation of the plant.
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  18. I'm with you on medical cannabis. I worked hard to get my wife off of her legally prescribed opiates that the doctors insisted she take for her migraines. Oxycontin is a devils drug--insanely addictive with horrible side effects. There's a reason heroin use surged after the feds cracked down on oxy use. After a few years of watching her slowly drift away as she took oxy every day, I insisted she quit and got her a medical prescription for marijuana. Not only did it help her beat the oxy addiction, but she's not addicted to the cannabis at all. She can take it only when the migraines are out of control and not have to deal with any fucked up side effects. Now if I could just get her to quit tobacco!
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