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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ribka, Jan 31, 2013.

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    I'm glad your wife is doing better. Opiates are terrible drugs. I have known too many good people dragged down hard by a prescription drug to even begin to give opiates a chance. But it doesn't end with opiates; look at the number of anti-psychotic drugs out there that have catastrophic side effects. The person who convinced me to actually get a medical card had long bouts with severe pain, and was prescribed oxy-this and oxy-that. His wife told him after a long series of surgeries that when he was on them, he became a demon. He was one of the nicest guys I've ever worked with, and I couldn't imagine the SHIT he was going through when he was trying to heal.
  2. Stonefish

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    I think the job of being the new state pot guru will be a interesting position for the individual qualified to fill it.
    I've been reading and watching news stories regarding how Colorado is controlling cannabis. This won't be a simple task.
    Whoever takes the position has a lot of work cut out for them and I hope they are successful in impementing a statewide plan.
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    Keeping my eyes peeled for the first good looking IPO...$$$$$$
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    There's the minor issue that the feds still aren't on board. This has ramifications even beyond getting raided--federally-insured loans, etc. It's going to be interesting as heck to see how the state handles this.
  5. ribka

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    They say that this is going to be a billion dollar plus industry. The potential profits And tax revenue are Attracting all types from the political and investment world. Be a fascinating study for social scientists.

    Yep be interesting to see all of the political maneuvering, new DUI laws, drug testing at work place, taxed at high rate like tobacco, drug company involvement, Labor and defense attorney involvement, ACLU, black market, home grows, state vs fed issues etc.

    Just read an article that large amounts of the Colorado bud is already is showing up in other states.
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  6. Jeremy Floyd

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    Pretty sure that if you do well at this you should fly through the interview.

  7. Stonefish

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    Just curious, how did they determine the weed was from Colorado? In other words, how did they id where weed is from unless folks are getting busted with containers or packaging identifying the source?

    I assume like any other consumer product, some will cross state lines once it is purchase.
    I would image folks from from neighboring states will be visiting Washington once things get online here.
    Once other states seeing the potential tax revenues, you'll see more legalize it. The Feds will have a difficult time stopping things once the horse is out of the barn. It will be similar to how prohibition ended.
  8. Travis Bille

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    Really? There have been a TON of invasions and shootings up here in Humboldt lately
  9. Jim Wallace

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    Actually, the original bust for weed was back in Jan 2012, after a history of noise complaints throughout 2011. I agree that IF the noise complaint investigation had happened this year, a warrant couldn't have been issued for investigating personal use of weed on one's own property, and the bust for the grow operation probably would not have happened.
    I wonder if Mr Bisterfelt appreciates the irony of his situation. :confused:
  10. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    Cash and stash...guns and money...wild west...why, this is as American as apple pie! Reminds me of old black and white westerns on TV, with cattle rustlers, train robbers, and shoot outs!

    Ah yes, the "Treasure of the Sierra Nevada"..."Federales!!! We doan need no stinkin Federales with stinkin badges 'round heah!" Good luck on that!

    Its probably time to end the "sittin' on the fence" quasi-legal BS and totally legalize it! Tax the living fuck out of it.
    Tax it every step of the way, every licensed and certified grower and distributor and retail dealer.
    I'll bet that then we could retire the ever-popular "Discover Pass!"

    If I was a pot smoker, I'd like to be able to saunter on down to the corner drug store and purchase some certified organic bud that I know is free of chemical fertilizer residues and any insecticides used to kill difficult-to-control and ubiquitous pests such as spider mites. Right now, there is no such assurance, and one gets what one gets.
    I understand that if one has a medical marijuana "green card" that one legally can go get their "medicinal weed" at a licensed medical marijuana outlet. But that does not really address the problems associated with the huge black market in pot that is destined for recreational use.
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  11. jersey

    jersey livin' the dream

    crap, thread hijack, sorry boys

    it was about help wanted and jobs, so lets dig-in, shall we?

    water for growing via truck delivery from muni' water sources, soil deliveries, greenhouse goods,
    propane and tanks, machinery for dams, water tank storage, farming goods, processing needs, fuel and vehicles for delivery, and finished product distribution- transacted in CASH. no 401Ks, no tax revenues, no health plans, and we won't touch the gangs or professionally organized distribution chains.

    PD's unsure of what's what due to DAs unsure of who to prosecute and how , City Councils, State and Feds hand-wringing over who the "bad guy" is and what the definition of legal vs illegal, legal outlets for medical use, doctors with prescriptions, insurance coverage, workers comp issues, on and on.

    Gobs of jobs!

    Can we discuss which knots are better than others?
  12. Old Man

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    If I want to get high there is some good booze out there.
  13. Jim Wallace

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    Non-slip mono loop.
    Thru-the-eye-twice Uni.
    Double Uni (or Uni-to-Uni).
    Nail knot.

    The Last Exit
  14. Charles Sullivan

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    I don't see where illegality ever had any effect on weed. Weed in the US is ubiquitous. I don't thik it's being legal will change much either. I suspect most weed will still be black market weed as it'll be cheaper than the "legal" stuff. Now many will buy it legally, cuz it's easier than waiting for your guy to return a call etc. but overall the only big change will be less people getting popped for having a little grass on them when they had some sort of a run in with the cops.

    I went to a Chris Robinson show recently. I thought it'd be a pot smoking fiasco outside in between sets. It was not. Really it was just like any other show I'd been to. Nothing changed. In fact, I suspect here would have been more weed smoking if it were back east based on my foggy memories of shows there.

    The 2 consistantly humorous things that I hear these days are "Obama!' and "It's legal now." Both basically for the same reason.

    Go Sox,
  15. Derek Young

    Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

    ^ Attended the CRB show in Portland last November...being my first show, I wasn't sure what to expect. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and the soundboard recording of the show demonstrates the huge advances in live recordings. I quite expected a "pot smoking fiasco" as well, but observed quite a few edible products available. Seems Portland rolls a little different....Keep Portland Weird.
  16. That's just make me puke when I cross fade like that
  17. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

    It was a great show. Blue Suede shoes, Bertha, Rosalee and lots o' Ranier. I was pretty blown away actually by Chris' guitar work. A lot better that I expected.

    Crowes are touring this spring. They are coming as far west as Austin so far. I hope they add on dates cuz I don't wanna have to go to Texas. No Luther D either so we'll see how the new guitarist is.

    Go Sox,
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  18. Derek Young

    Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

    Yeah, got a Wheel about halfway through and that pretty much sealed it for me. Sunday Sound is in heavy rotation....
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  19. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

    With music taste like that I can't see why anyone would ignore you.

    Go Sox,

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