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  1. Which should I get: Simms Freestones, Cabelas guidewear pro, or Redington Sonic pro? Been through 2 pairs of cheap waders in the past year and need something reliable that I can wear year round.
  2. Other suggestions are also accepted
  3. I'd take a look at the Orvis Silver Sonic waders. Cheaper than the Redingtons and the same technology. You lose the handwarmer pocket but gain a cool flip out waterproof pocket for cell phones/keys etc. Orvis treats people right as far as customer service as well.
  4. On the other hand, these guys are based in Bellingham:

    Never seen the waders however. So I can't comment much.
  5. I have a sportsmans warehouse cheap pair,Simms g4,and just got a pair of the Orvis silver sonic. Go with a pair of the Orvis n korkers boots
  6. The dryfts have my attention plus im a flat bill wearing puffy jacket young punk and there style look hip to the jiggy fresh
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  7. 2 pairs of waders in one year. Is this due to leaks from pin holes or seams giving out from beating the bush or ....?
    I suggest you get a pair with a quality warranty.
  8. peyton in his defense i have burned through patagonia's, and a a pair of brand new simms in the 1 1/2 years. The Simms being the shortest living at 7 months
  9. All waders will get pinhole leaks. They are all practically the same material. The difference seems to be in how well-constructed they are. The new Orvis and Redington waders have just about proven themselves as the best wader for under $300.
    I have the Silver Sonics, and I feel like with a tube or two of Aquaseal they should give me 2-3 years no problem.
    The convertible to waist-high feature is nice, too. It makes wading a 50-degree creek on a warm day a lot easier, and it's easy to pee.
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  10. +1 for orvis waders
  11. Has anybody tried these:

    They are very customizable (colors, pockets, zippers, etc) and made to order in Oregon. My understanding is that they are heavy and warm, and VERY tough. Base price is only $200.
  12. My Muck bootfoot Simms have more Aquaseal than Gore-Tex on them now after about 4 or 5 years of abuse. I'm looking to replace them and have been eye balling the Orvis bootfoots. The only thing is it looks like they have no chest pocket. I never wear a vest or anything. Everything I need goes in my chest pocket. The search for the perfect bootfoot continues. Off to the store to get another tube of Aquaseal.
  13. i want those with pink thigh patching
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  14. I bet you could get "I'm a Belieber" embroidered on the ass.
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  15. I used Dan Bailey's for years and I have almost no complaints about the design. However in May of this year I bit the bullet and bought a pair of Simms G3's and I have no complaints at all. I fish alot (2-5 days a week in various locations both fresh and salt) and they are all I've ever wanted in waders. Extremely durable, comfortable and with just the right amount of features. I love them like the child I don't have. Well worth the price.
  16. Simms G3's are only $299 at right now. Just ordered a new pair for myself!
  17. If you plan to spend the big bucks, I vote for Patagonia. I've had a pair for about 5 years, and they are still providing great service. Outstanding quality and customer service. But they are expensive...
  18. I have used and abused several different companies waders. There are things that I think each one of the major manufacturers does better than the others. (Simms, Patagonia, Orvis) Here is what I have found in my own personal experience with each.

    Hours in waders= over 100 days, all seasons and temps
    Pros: flip out pocket, front of leg protection, booties
    Cons: Cost, crotch area, restrictive thigh sizing, no adjustment to suspenders, hand warmer pocket too high, doesn't come with a decent belt.

    The Simms waders are great waders and are industry leaders in many ways. I feel that if you buy their top end waders you will like them. The price is the major issue here. I also have had issues with their repair department in the past and do not buy Simms waders anymore. I have used the G3 waders for several generations and have noticed that they are a bit too narrow in the legs for my taste. They are a bit restricting when layering up on cold winter days. The booties are in my opinion the best fit of all the major brands. They really are shaped well. The G3 waders are very thick and puncture resistant in the fronts of the legs, this is a plus when doing a lot of bushwhacking. This thickness is a bit of a pain in the summer when the waders can get hot. I still feel that they have an issue to fix in the crotch though as the material does get pinhole leaks often. As far as features go, Simms does very well. They still have the best flip out pocket on the market, hands down. It is not waterproof but it holds everything very well. The hand warmer pockets are too high for my liking. I end up shoving my hands down the sides of the waders to warm up. The belt loops are well for lack of a better term, shit. But then again I wear a Patagonia stretch wading belt when wearing my G3s
    Overal, I would say that Simms are a great wader but overpriced. They have been and probably will continue to be an industry leader, in waders.

    p.s. Simms product development if you are reading this. Go back to the old guide model waders and you will have the best product ever developed...again.

    Hours in waders= over a 100 days, all seasons and temps
    Pros: Warranty, overal fit, adjustable suspension, wool lined booties, best stock wading belt
    Cons: Flip out pocket, zipper on front pocket difficult to use

    Patagonia makes a good wader. I have the Rio Gallegos waders. Patagonia had come a long way from the old "potato sacks" they used to make. The Gallegos waders are much more form fitting, but not too tight as to be restrictive (see Simms). Their waterproof and do a good job of staying that way. Plus they are backed with Patagonia's "iron clad" warranty. The front zip pouch in nice but the zipper is a bit tough to pull. The inside waterproof flip out pouch is in my opinion useless. It is hard to close and most everything that you put in it sticks to the plastic and is hard to get back out. I would prefer a non waterproof flip out pocket like Simms. The price is expensive but not as bad as Simms. The suspenders are my favorite feature. The waders slide up and down the suspenders and can be adjusted for waist or chest level, or anything in between in seconds, with one hand. I still think that they do not adjust enough to relieve myself without taking the suspenders off which is a bummer. The booties on the Patagonia waders are fitted well and have marino wool inside. They are the warmest booties I have used. This is my favorite part of these waders.

    p.s. to Patagonia. Rip off Simms with the flip out pocket and you will have a great competitor to any of their waders.

    Hours in waders= 8 hours
    Pros: nicest most comfortable material, adjustable suspenders
    Cons: Booties are not very comfortable, material is a bit thin on waders.
    (caveat, review is with only a few hours in waders. More to come)

    Orvis waders were the first waders I ever owned. I had a pair of the old Silver Labels. I wore them a hand full of times and returned them to the Orvis store. The knees on them had an extra layer of material that would fill with water whenever you faced downstream. This was down right dangerous, and I almost didn't make it out of the river once. My second pair was the first generation Pro Guide waders, and I still have them to this day. They were and are a great wader. The fit was a bit stiff and tight, but damn they lasted forever. I finally had them sent to Virginia and repaired in 2008. This was when I was having warranty issues with Simms. Orvis seam sealed the hell out of them and they were good as new.

    Just recently I got a pair of the Silver Sonic waders. They where the originators of the welded seam technology and have sold the rights to Redington recently. The waders are very comfortable so far and are probably the most comfortable material in a wader I have yet to wear. At first blush the waders feel great but are a little thin. We will see if they can hold up to some serious bushwhacking. The booties on them are not the most comfortable and I am sure this will lead to some issues in the future. The suspenders have a nice adjustment feature to them and they can be worn as waist high or chest waders pretty easily. The adjustment is not as nice as Patagonia but is light years better than no adjustment (eh hmmm, Simms) The Silver Sonic waders have a waterproof pocket much like Patagonia, which again I am not a big fan of. The price point is better than both Simms and Patagonia so this is by far where Orvis wins out.
    I will say this. My review of the Silver Sonic waders is very incomplete as I have not had a lot of time on the water with them.

    I hope that this helps you in deciding on waders.

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