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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by judiejane, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. judiejane

    judiejane New Member

    I need help. I just took pics and want to ad to my classified ad placed today. Can anyone tell me?
  2. I have used the Upload File button, not sure if thats the best way but it is in option.
  3. Rick LaRiviere

    Rick LaRiviere Active Member

    Hi Judie,

    Sorry for your loss. Are you familiar with the PhotoBucket website? (www.photobucket.com) After creating a free membership, you can upload photos from your computer and leave them there indefinitely. You can edit photos, resize them, crop, etc. and delete them at any time.
    What I do is to open this website (WA FF) and open a second window on my browser for photo bucket. Then I simply click on the photo (in PhotoBucket) that I want to insert into my post, and then copy the direct link for that photo (to the right of photo). Then go to the other browser window (WA FF) and click the Insert Image icon, put your cursor on the highlighted "http://" that will appear in the little window that will open, and right click your mouse to use the "paste" function, and then click "Insert" and that photo will be inserted. Hint: If you are wanting to insert multiple images in your post, you'll need to press your keyboard's "Enter" key a number of times prior to uploading the first image, and then arrow up to the point where you left off with your text. This will create extra lines for your post's photos. If you don't do this and just insert a photo, there isn't a way of getting below the photo to continue with your post and/or additional photos. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or encounter any problems. Hope this helps...

  4. judiejane

    judiejane New Member

    Thank you Rick!

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