Henderson Bay/Glen Cove?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by cook, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. cook

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    I'm going to be at Camp Seymour this week for a school field trip. I'm hoping to get out in the mornings for an hour tops, I also need to pack lightly. Should I focus attention on silvers or SRC? (Do coho even migrate through this bay?)--would love to catch another silver this year and it seems like time is almost up in the salt. Thanks!
  2. Alexander

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    I'd target SRC and of the Coho are there they may hit whatever you're chucking at the SRC's ;)
  3. Steve Saville

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    As I remember it, Glenn Cove pretty much empties out at low tide. Be mindful of the tides there. You may not get to fish depending on the times.
  4. rotato

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    There is plenty of water in glen cove
    Both species are around right now
    See if you can borrow one of those sweet aluminum canoes and fish the mouth of the bay
    Good luck
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    Did the same thing and didn't bring a rod :eek:. There are salmon and SRCs in the cove but you probably wont be able to borrow a canoe from the camp and dock access is limited but bring a rod and waders. There are a couple points one the camp property that look good to access.
  6. Chucker

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    There are some unfriendly landowners in that area, so be careful where you go if you are on the beach. Even in a kayak they think it's funny to hit golf balls at you when you are fishing.
  7. plaegreid

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    Bring a net and a slingshot. Retrieve golf balls with net and return them with slingshot.

    #likeagoodneighbor #droppinballs #slingalingadingdong #yolo #bieberfever
  8. plaegreid

    plaegreid Saved by the buoyancy of citrus

    Bonus points if you mount a slingshot apparatus to your yak! Like a punt gun, but less illegal probably!