Here's one for Mr. Jim Swan

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Davy, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. In honor of the fact that your not actually dead Jim :thumb: - I dressed this hook for you this morning-- I called it Swan's Blue, no delivery though- you gotta come get it.

    round silver tag, silver rib, yellow floss body, grey and yellow spey hackle, dyed blue bronze mallard wing.

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  2. So if I change my name, will I get a cool new fly too??? ;)
  3. yup, I got just the fly for you, changes colors daily ( sometimes):p
  4. Thanks for the fly. But being that you live so far away I'll probably have to find a place to stay over night.(He lives about 5 miles from me,and that could be stretching it).


    Should find some time to come over,but I'm lazy and there's few things I should be doing, What they are I have no idea.
  5. no worries- it will be on the frame
  6. Davy, beautiful fly. Jim you really evoke the best in us.
  7. I think that is the second fly named for me.If you go to Silverbrowns gallery you will see another fly there called the old lawless. I have the old part to the name of the fly. I don't have that one but I wish I did.

  8. that'd be a keeper would it? Sorry Jim, I chopped up your fly , it needed redoing with the few hackles I have left. $$$ are tight and needed them

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