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Discussion in 'Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels' started by Mike Monsos, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. I'm just finishing up a Dickerson 7613 LT 7' 6" 5wt. I thought I'd share a few pictures of it I just snapped.






  2. beautiful
  3. Very nice rod. Your work is stunning.
    Dura bronze ferrule?
  4. Beautiful work Mike. Your friends should be happy, or whomever will benefit from putting that one into their hands. Just beautiful.
  5. Thanks all,
    The ferrule is made from solid brass stock. I blue everything but the slide surfaces. I've made them out of NS and have thought about Duronze but haven't went out and hunted down some material yet. I really like the look of the brass and I have had very good results with it.

  6. Mike, fabulous looking rod!

  7. Awesome work. What a great rod and fun to fish with.
  8. Great work! Such a beautiful built!
    I wonder what makes of the top cork dark color?
  9. If you are wondering about the transition of the grip to the rod, it is a wrap of the tipping color with varnish over it, thus the dark color and gloss finish. I choose not to use a winding check, I taper the cork grip to the flats and then lay a wrap over that. I like to be able to place my finger on that wrap while casting.

  10. Nice work, Mike! That's a beauty!
  11. Mike, are your wraps dipped or varnished? If so I would be curious how you apply the varnish?
  12. double....sorry.
  13. I varnish my wraps first, about four coats minimum 100% Minwax Spar Var. I apply it with a very small artists spatula. On the second coat and those after I actually have the spatula on the lower side of the rod in the turner and wick the drop back and forth to cover the wrap. After that I give the full rod 2 coats on the tip section and three coats on the base of the same finish thinned about 30% with artists turps. The full rod finish is hand applied with a small section of a foam brush (not a dipper or a dripper yet). One stroke down each flat between each guide and move down to the next guide to guide section etc. The thinned finish flash's off pretty quick so if I'm carefull I don't raise any dust things turn out to my liking.

  14. Love the new thread color! While it is indeed quite beautiful, in the end it's a tool for catching fish. If your previous rods are any indicator, its new owner will be quite please with not only how nice it looks, but how well it works.

  15. I like casting wtih my finger on the rod just above the cork too Mike. I wish my rods had that tapered transition.
  16. Great stuff! Mike,

    Thanks for the explanation! much appreciated!
  17. man now thats a rod!! Do you restore old bamboo rods too?
  18. I've done a few repairs on older rods. What I can offer is to make a rod fishable once again matching the thread and components as close as possible, of course this is depending on the condition of the rod. If you truly have a "classic" rod I'd probably steer you towards a restorer to maintain the value of the rod. It's not the process, (really nothing much different than what I do when I make my rods other than the stripping off the old finish) it's locating the original style parts and color of thread that can be a headache.

    I guess the bottom line is I'd have to see the rod and give you my opinion of what I would do if I owned the rod.

  19. thanks for posting pix mike. very beautifully done! i thoroughly enjoy catching wild trout on flies that i've tied. i bet it's even cooler to catch our native cutties on a rod you've built yourself!

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