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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by twinlakesleach, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Hex Fly Swap - Sign Up! We need 5 more

    Okay, let's do a Hexagenia (Hex) swap. I went back through the archives and did not see this swap done before. Any pattern you feel like. It can be a Nymph, Emerger, Cripple, Paradrake, Spinner, etc... I would like to get 10 tiers and a deadline of July 25. I know this only gives you 1 month but it's only a few flies and we will still have them in time to fish the Hex Hatch.

    Don't forget to toe-tag your flies with the name of your pattern and your WAFF board screen name so we know who tied what. I will PM everyone my mailing address as we get closer to the deadline.

    1- Twinlakesleach - Nymph - DONE
    2- Fly Punk - Cripple - RECEIVED
    3- David Schepers - Spinner - RECEIVED
    4- Ron McNeal - Emerger - RECEIVED
    5- Mumbles - ??? - RECEIVED
    6- Dryflylarry - ?? - RECEIVED
  2. YES!!!! This will be a good one. I'm in. Put me down for a cripple pattern. :thumb:
  3. Im in Hex spinner
  4. Ok, mine are done. :thumb:
  5. Now were talking. Come on guys & gals. This should be a really good swap. Lets get signed up.

    Mine are finished. I tied a Nymph Pattern.
  6. Good to have you in on this one Ron.
  7. Only 4 of us so far. Come on folks, join in on this great swap. We just need 6 more tiers.
  8. Newbies welcome? I'm gonna be out of town most of next week, but if you need to fill spots I'll give it a whirl. Before you answer, realize that I suck, set your expectations low that way I can come in at or barely above that level. Feel free to tell me NO, I'm not itching to tie some up and embarras myself, but that is up to you swapmeister.
  9. Yes Mumbles, newbies are welcome. This is a Fly Swap, not a Fly Tying CONTEST. Don't worry about a thing, just tie them up & have fun. I will sign you up. Good you have you in it:thumb:
  10. I agree Ron. Problem is i don't know which one is better out of those 3 letter words!!!

    We just got one more participant. Come on folks, this will give you a reason to go fish Merrill Lake for the famous Hex Hatch!
  11. Don't forget to toe-tag your flies with the name of your pattern and your WAFF board screen name so we know who tied what.

    ( A toe tag is usually just a small strip of paper that you stick on to each fly over the barb so it wont fall off, if you tie with barbless hooks then tie a small piece of mono on to your fly and tape it to the paper rather then having it slip off the barbless hook.)
  12. Okay (gulp) mumbles is in...how about a hex ball of yarn on a hook. I will search some patterns and come up with one that seems within my novice skills. Likely an early life cycle nymph. Likely easier than a winged form. Thanks for lettin' me in.
  13. oh you'll do fine, mumbles. like leach said its a swap not a contest. Hell, you should have seen some of my first flies, but you know what? they caught fish.:thumb: Spinning bug puppets takes practice and this is a great way to do just that. Tie, tie, tie. :thumb:
  14. I would still like to see a few more participants. Come on folks, this is a great pattern swap. It will give you an excuse to go fish Merrill Lake.
  15. Oh heck, anything having to do with SEX, I'll join in!!!
  16. Great Larry. I will put you down.
  17. Oh! You guys said Hex, I thought you said Sex! Oh well, sign me up. Don't know what I'll tie yet. :)
  18. Why don't you design a new pattern & tie 2 flies together and call it the Hex Sex Fly!!

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