Hex in the seeps?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by jeffj, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Was fishing for bass in one of the seep lakes today and noted quite a few floating shucks in the weeds that looked a lot like hexes. I've fished the hatch in Merrill and would love to find them on the dry side. Is it mistaken identity or are they found in some of the desert lakes?
  2. Jeff-

    Although I have no specific information concerning their presence on dry side lakes, I would expect that some may very well have a Hexagenia population. However, if any dry side lake contained both planted trout, and a reliably fishable Hexagenia hatch, I suspect that word would have long since leaked out.
  3. Up here near the Canadian border on the dry side the Pend Oreille River has a huge hex hatch around the 4th of July timeframe. I lived down on the river part of one summer and at dusk the river came alive as fish started slashing at emerging hexes. I would assume that most any water with the right bottom consistency for the nymphs could hold them.


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