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  1. Just a friendly reminder to send in your steelhead punch card bro
  2. Oh man, that was cold!
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  3. LOL. Ruthless. I approve this message.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. It is refreshing to see a thread that is intended to make members laugh when other threads are unfortunately plagued with politics and controversy. I will happily be the butt of any joke for the sake of bringing laughter to this forum.
    June is just around the corner ladies and gents. Hope to see you all out there. Well not during the first week though. There will be enough chaos as it is.
    And as God as my witness, I will get my first steelhead this year. I am so confident in it.

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  7. Where the fuck do you get these goddamn memes?
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  8. smile.gif
  9. Daniel come over to Spokane in October and ill take you down to some steelhead. You can pay me by filling up my tank and getting me some good whiskey.
  10. Daniel come down to dry-shities in Sept and I'll take you over to some steelfaces. You can pay me by getting good beer & whiskey. (Co. pays for petro in my truck) If i fail i'll split the cost of the alcohol
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  11. even a blind monkey finds a banana once in a while,that's what keeps me going back to the river in pursuit of steel!
  12. Hey Daniel, with friends like Golfman44, who needs an a**hole?

    Cold, cruel, but funny.
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  13. Don't worry, you'll get one. Just fish hard and don't waste your time on the Sky.
  14. I will indeed hit you up then.
  15. Will do.
  16. I am gluten for punishment. The Sky will be my primary. Now that I stole a good pontoon I am going to have a shit ton of fun this year, and years to come.
  17. That is no shit. When I fart he burps.
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  18. .
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  19. gluten for punishment.jpg
  20. The sky is the perfect training ground for a steelheader. You learn to deal with crowds. Low holing and pocket picking. You learn valuable lessons about what your insurance company will and will not cover in the event of a break in. And you learn how to navigate trailheads infested in angry dogs, and tweakers all while dodging sled traffic, gear guys and 1,000 Spey yahwehs who just watched skagit master 2. Catching the occasional fish is icing on the cake.

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