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  1. Don't forget about fish that shoot straight to Reiter within 36 hours of entering the Snoho.

    Daniel - I grew up on the Sky and love that river. But if you want to catch your first steelie on the fly on the swing, your time would be much better spent two steelhead drainages to the north. Assuming it opens this summer with the landslide... which is not a safe assumption.
  2. I will probably wet my line up that way too I am sure.
  3. This is a funny thread.

    Personally, I figure that Danny boy needs a better job. Better jobs pay more money with more time off. I have found gas and vacation are the 2 ingredients most condusive to steeehead success.

    Go Sox,
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  4. AMEN yes Danny boy really does need a better job. Working hard towards it though. Hopefully it will come along in the future soon.
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  5. You're just gloating since your wife got the promotion!
  6. That does bring something to mind. I should also push my wife do get a better job too.
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  7. Or get a girl who's becoming a nurse practitioner so you can work part time and fish and work on other projects the rest of the time.

    Count it.

  8. Thanks a lot man. Now I've got a frosty Capri-sun up the nose. #dadlife
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  9. Just a few more weeks boys and my quest continues again. I am so pumped.
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  10. If you want to just get a fish, you can ride along in my drift boat this summer on the Sky. We'll toss spoons and bobber our way down to pick up a hatchery griller or three. You'll at least see where they hold so you can try it on flies later.
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